Think About Traveling Have You Already Taken Out Your Travel Insurance?

The holidays start and what we think is the ideal place to go to rest. After that, we started preparing for flights or if you will be driving the mothballs that we will spend, the lodging, the budget for meals and other souvenirs, but have you thought about taking out travel insurance?

Of course not! A large part of the population does not consider this insurance. We all travel thinking that it will be a time of relaxation and relaxation without worrying if this can have some type of risk.Think About Traveling Have You Already Taken Out Your Travel Insurance1

What is the purpose of travel insurance?

Believe it or not, when making a trip and especially if it is outside your country, you can go from small details that can ruin your stay. Some might be the loss of your luggage, and theft or talk, those happen even while in our place of residence.

Travel insurance consists of solving those unplanned problems during your trip. So that in spite of them you can continue enjoying your trip or you are out of danger.

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What is included in travel insurance

Think About Traveling Have You Already Taken Out Your Travel Insurance3

The cost of the insurance varies according to the policies of which it is stated. According to your needs you could hire the ones you think necessary, we point out the most frequent ones:

  • Medical coverage in case of an accident.
  • Hospitalization (But be careful not all insurances include this service) In addition if you contract this policy you must make sure that it also includes medical fees and other hospitalization expenses.
  • Pharmaceutical aid: All expenses on medicines.
  • Dental care in urgent cases
  • Legal assistance: This includes the bonds in case of a prison or any inconvenience with the embassy.
  • Psychological assistance.
  • In a case of loss, damage or theft of luggage insurance covers any of these cases.
  • In a case of natural disasters, political conflicts or any similar circumstance the insurance backs you with a flight back to your country.
  • Funeral repatriation: In the case of death these insurance companies take care of this.
  • Compensation in case of delay: Includes overnight for delay of more than 6 hours of flight or loss of connection.
  • Location and shipment of luggage: In case it has been lost and found.

What is the advantage?

Consider any of the above situations (those covered by insurance during your trip) if you are far enough away, the expenses will be in a more expensive currency. Maybe a coin worth twice that of your country.

Think About Traveling Have You Already Taken Out Your Travel Insurance2

How much do you think it could cost you a day in a hospital in another country? Or in the case of losing your suitcase, how could you afford to spend all that you carry on it during the trip?

A medical expenses insurance could economically and emotionally facilitate your stay in case of any contingency.

You probably do not know all the services that include your travel insurance, so it is important to read the contract well and especially when making a trip carry a copy of the contract. So in case, an incident occurs you can immediately know what services you can count on.

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