Things to know before submitting your pallet racking order

Whether you are looking to fill an empty warehouse, add to your existing equipment or replace your tired pallet racking, there are a few vital pieces of information you should have on hand before you place your order.


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Know your stuff

First, it is paramount to know exactly what it is you are looking for. This includes the size of the space you are looking to fill, any height restrictions and what is being stored. It is also useful to know what type of forklift truck is used in your environment so that the salesperson can offer suitable advice and recommendations.

Pallet racking systems make the most of the space in any warehouse, which means using the floor space and up to maximise storage. In using height, warehouse owners can save floor space yet increase their capacity limits and store as much stock as possible, even if space seems limited. For extra tips on maximising space in your warehouse, see The Balance’s helpful tips.

Set out a budget

In addition to being aware of the physical requirements of your pallet racking, it is also advisable to know roughly how much you intend to pay for the equipment. You will need to do some research beforehand so that you can work out the range of prices offered and set out a budget taking into account the quality of the items and service that you are expecting.

To cut down on costs, you might want consider purchasing used pallet racking, which is available to buy directly from Duffy Discount ( Their range of used pallet racking is of an exceptionally high quality and covers a variety of racking types, from long span racking to adjustable racking.

Think about the extras

By confirming the type of product that is being stored and the load capacity level, your chosen pallet racking distributor will be able to work out whether a bolted or welded system is suitable for your warehouse space. It would also be wise to consider in advance whether you will be making any additional purchases, such as accessories for your pallet racking. These include frame protectors, timber decking, anti-collapse mechanisms and heavy-duty barriers. Although these increase the efficiency of a storage system, they are optional extras and can be bought at a later date.

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