Summer Clothing Staples for Men

When the summer months arrive, it’s essential to be prepared. The warm weather and fun times fly by. You want to have the summer clothing staples that make it memorable. A fashionable wardrobe for this season includes a surprisingly large number of considerations. Prepare early and you’ll have comfort, style, and convenience on your side.


Summer is undoubtedly the season of t-shirts. They come in so many styles and materials, it’s easy to find something that is just right for you. If you like solid colors, these will do, or you can choose from an array of patterned or floral designs. A that’s too much bacon said no one ever shirt is just the thing if you want to make everyone laugh.

Dressier Shirts

Solid polos are a little more conservative but also go well with shorts. On a warm day or night, a cotton polo can be comfortable too. It’s also a fine statement if you wear it under a suit jacket. Collared button downs can be worn on casual days at the office. Who says you can’t stay cool and look good at the same time?

Summer Clothing Staples for Men

Stylish Bottoms

Khaki shorts are great for the summer, especially ones that end just above the knee. Colored chinos with fun colors are acceptable as well. Patterned shorts are cool for going out and can represent your sense of adventure. There are also lightweight belts that are suitable for the summer, and you can find plenty of sales on belts. These don’t have to be leather either, as a woven fabric belt goes just fine with shorts, jeans, khakis, and more.


Sneakers are good for most seasons, but you can wear a pair of light shoes in the summer and be comfortable. Some don’t even need socks. Other people choose to wear boat shoes. A pair of brown ones is always in style; don’t be afraid to go barefoot in them either.

Summer Accessories

A stylish guy in the summer isn’t one without a cool pair of sunglasses. Choose a pair that looks great at the beach or at a wedding. Aviators, board shorts, stylish watches, sandals, and baseball caps are all great summer accessories. Try hats that aren’t affiliated with sports teams; just ones that make a personal statement about your style.

From tank tops to bathing suits, pick the color and style that suits you best. These are just some of the staples that men wear year after year in the summer. The goal is to stay cool and comfortable, and the styles available over the summer months are flexible enough to meet your flashy and conservative sides, whether you are at work or going out.

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