Robotic Packaging: What is it?

With the new technologies these days, it is of no surprise that robots are now used in the manufacturing industry, especially in packaging. That’s how Robotic Packaging is born. But what is this technology all about and how does it impact the industry? It is mainly the use of robots to carry out the packaging process in factories, instead of it being done by humans. Below, you can learn how it is beneficial for the manufacturing sector and what are its disadvantages.

What are the main tasks of robots?

Robotics perform a number of tasks which can add value to your business! They are so sophisticated that they can correctly identify, line up and place a product. They are also very good at packaging randomly placed items on a conveyor belt. They help in removing fragile goods from containers with precision and speed, without damaging them. Removing empty packages from a stack to fill them with baked goods or cakes is very easy for these robots.

Since the arms of robots are agile, they can easily box delicate items for shipment without causing any damage. They also prepare items for shipping by stacking them into pallets, while reducing work-related injuries for humans. These fully loaded pallets are transported to warehouses. This type of automated warehousing offers a lot of efficiency, safety and speed.

Perks: Accuracy and Speed of Robotics

Much of the tasks in industries are repetitive and can be carried out by robotics. They have slim arms and a wide reach. They have a built-in repeatability and precise tooling which make them so accurate. They greatly help in supply chain operations and packaging in general. Since they are tireless and do not require much maintenance, they can work for hours at a high speed. Thus, productivity increases while safety costs are cut down. Just imagine, one robot can perform the tasks of several humans in less time with high accuracy!

Consistency and flexibility

Robotics are also consistent and flexible! They improve the quality of a product, as well as its cycle time. In addition to this, the quality of packaging becomes much better while the operations are smoothly carried out. The main reason behind this is their standardised movements. They are flexible as they can perform some tasks which take longer when done manually. For instance, if a machinist wants to change the outline of a pallet, it can be done simply by pressing a button.

Cons: Lack of Human Touch and Job Losses

Like all things, Robotic Packaging also has some disadvantages. The main concern is that robots are gradually taking the place of human beings in the workplace by better performing their work. If robots can carry out the same task usually done by several workers, then businesses will rapidly opt for them. This can lead to loss of jobs in the manufacturing sector. However, the human touch in the professional world is important because robots do not possess the same intuition or emotions as human beings. A harmony and balance between technology and human beings can still be achieved if they work hand in hand.

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In view of the various benefits of Robotic Packaging, it can be said that it represents the future for all businesses and industries. Since their staff will not be required to perform repetitive or dangerous tasks, they start learning new skills to contribute to the company’s growth.

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