How To Open A Bookstore

How To Open A Bookstore

Not so long ago, America was called the most reading country in the world. But recently the situation has changed a little, but at the same time the desire to read has not disappeared anywhere – just now the books have become more accessible. People who like to read, still get new books in any accessible format. It is worth noting that the book business is unlikely to bring super-high profits, but if you love books and strive to receive a stable income, then you have a sense to think about how to open a bookstore.

Advantages and disadvantages of the bookstore

First of all, you should pay attention to the lack of a shelf life for books. If you treat this product correctly, then the book will look the same in ten years. In addition, many publishers offer bookstores to purchase books from them with the possibility of deferring payment and return after a certain period of time. That is, you take a batch of books, put them on sale in your store, but pay the delivery only after they are sold. If the product is not sold within, for example, three months, you simply return it to the publisher. As you can see, you risk nothing and do not lose anything.How To Open A Bookstore

Before opening this business, it is worth considering the disadvantages of this business. For example, the fact that unsold books are always stored in bookstores, obsolete and not topical. For example, school literature, which in modern conditions is changing every year. But such costs are in any business. It is impossible to completely sell the entire range of goods.

Store Assortment

To open a store selling books (fiction., Reference material – training materials, etc.), it is necessary to compile an assortment of at least 15,000 titles. This is the main condition for the profitability of the book business. Set up the delivery of goods is best through the publishers directly. Moreover, they basically offer favorable conditions for cooperation: they do not require advance payment and give books for implementation.

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Attracting customers

To attract customers and increase turnover in the store you need to offer customers a book exchange service. That is, visitors can buy from you a book and after reading it, exchange it for a fee for another, also backed up. It turns out that on one book you will earn several times.

There is another version of the exchange of books, as in the library. That is, the visitor picks up a book at your store for a while and pays you only for using it. In this case, it is necessary to have a special register for the issuance and return of books. To exclude the risks of non-return of goods, you need to take from the customer a deposit of the full cost of the book.

In former times, large bookstores offered customers a pre-order service of literary publications on the catalogs of the publishing house. Something similar can be organized now – visitors can leave applications for certain publications and redeem them after the book arrives at the store.How To Open A Bookstore

Format of the outlet

You can think of how to open a bookstore or a whole network of small shops. The second option may be more profitable, as the content of several small book trade specialized stores requires minimal costs. Costs are reduced, as all goods entering the store are processed in the warehouse. Remain only the cost of renting premises and wages to sellers.

Specificity of the bookstore needs to be selected taking into account its location. That is, it should be targeted at a specific audience – parents with children, students, students, athletes and so on.

For additional profit, it is worth considering the opening of a bookstore on the Internet. Here, your customers will be able to place an order for a regular printed book or its electronic version.

Profitability and profitability of the bookshop

If you compare the book business with other types of trading activities, for example, with clothing or food, then the rate of profit in it is not large. The mark-up on book editions is not more than 60% and if it is possible to earn more or less appreciable money, then only at the expense of turnover.

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