What would a no-deal Brexit mean for UK motorists?

If a no-deal Brexit occurs, motorists going abroad after 29 March will have to carry evidence of insurance, otherwise known as a green card, according to the BBC.

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The government wishes to keep the UK inside the current motor insurance free circulation zone; however, this has not yet been agreed with the European Commission.

If this is not resolved and the UK leaves without a deal on 29 March, UK motorists visiting EEA countries will need a green card to demonstrate their insurance should they be stopped by the authorities. This will also affect EU motorists who are driving in the UK. The green card rules also apply to driving over the Northern Ireland border and the Republic of Ireland border.

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The government has prepared some advice for drivers.

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What is a green card?

Green cards are issued by insurance suppliers in the UK. They act as an international certificate of insurance and guarantee that the traveller has the requisite minimum insurance cover for the country being visited.

Contacting your insurer

Policyholders should contact their insurer prior to their trip to arrange green card documents. This applies to all vehicles and all forms of motor insurance, including motor fleet and commercial policies.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) advises drivers to order the card 30 days before they plan to travel to ensure they receive it in time. Green card documents must cover at least 15 days; therefore, if your insurance policy is going to end less than 15 days after the travel date, you must confirm a renewal prior to departure. This applies even if your journey is for less than 15 days.

Business rules

If you have a multi-car insurance arrangement for your business, you need a green card for every insured vehicle. If you have employees who regularly drive to the EU, you can arrange insurance on their behalf as usual; however, each employee will have a legal responsibility to take the insurance papers with them.

Events on 29 March

If Brexit is postponed, existing insurance rules will continue to be applicable.

Some changes to licensing requirements and driving rules will also occur on 29 March.

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