Loyalty As a Tool For Business Growth

When we refer to the loyalty we orient not only customers but also employees or collaborators. The former are known as external or traditional clients and the letter is called internal clients to belong to the organizations for which they work. Marketing has now had to change to suit these types of customers. Today’s executives know that you should appeal to the conservation of both to ensure the growth of your companies.

That is why they need to propose strategies that help them perceive the particularities of each one. On the one hand, the external customers became more demanding and informed and proved not to offer loyalty to most brands they usually consumed. In the case of the inmates, they began to worry about themselves, began to ask for greater participation in companies and to value much more their aspirations, desires and personal needs, as well as their free time, and all this resulted in a smaller Loyalty to their work centers.Traust as concept

This is where the term Fidelización comes to be carved: that would be the establishment of lasting and mutually satisfactory relations. A loyal customer is not a person who only consumes the same brand of soft drinks or clothes, is the one that invests a good part of his income in a certain category of consumption or in a particular brand, which could be diversified, since we are not Talking about robots that buy the same thing but people with tastes and needs and these become more specific as time goes on.

And from here comes a new point that has a lot of importance: full knowledge of the client, that is, we must know what their needs are as well as what they spend their money, if we do not have this information, we will never be able to establish long relationships term. This could be achieved with the unfailing market study, and once we have at hand that valuable information, we can optimize our loyalty strategies to focus on customers who will be more profitable over time.

Loyalty As a Tool For Business Growth2

But for everything to work in the best way we have to work to get satisfaction from the two kinds of customers. First, the success of companies is focused on internal well-being, that is, we must begin the loyalty process from within the organization in order to obtain stable, satisfied and motivated employees that are aligned with the objectives of the company and That above all are happy to work there, once this is achieved, it will be easier for the executive to train his workforce to perfect actions for the growth of the company.

Subsequently, comes the satisfaction of external customers, and this relates to the marketing campaign that the organization has planned. Within which there are clear concepts such as price, product and service quality, the value that the customer perceives of what he has bought, his personal image or how he is seen using or consuming a certain product, trust in the company, etc.

Loyalty As a Tool For Business Growth3

Strategies for customer loyalty

  • Internal clients should, for example, be provided with efficient and timely information and communication systems such as social networks, business management software, investment in training, etc. In this way, they can better participate in the life of the company by demonstrating their knowledge and innovative ideas to improve, among other things, the loyalty of external customers.
  • As for external or traditional customers, you can implement the well-known discount coupons, points accumulation, differentiated treatment, a creation of special events, be present in the most special moments of customers such as birthdays or Christmas, promotions according to Seasons, etc.
  • Within marketing, the loyalty of both external and internal customers has become a very important field, since maintaining a customer is cheaper than getting a new one, and logically it is more expensive to hire new workers than to keep those that you already have.

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In conclusion, we could say that the loyalty is used for a one- time customer or a new one become regular customers, and we must consider how we are going to attend, which will help greatly improve your experience with our products and services, And thus your satisfaction will be total.

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