How to Get Your Customers to Get More Involved with Your Business?

There are many ways to grow your business, but we firmly believe that one of the most effective is listening to your customers. Opening a healthy conversation, establishing effective communication channels and offering quick responses is an excellent way to start.

But, there are two complicated parts in this process:

  • Know how to ask.
  • Know what to do to take advantage of those answers.

In this article, we show you how to make your customers feel more involved in your business by opening channels of communication and accepting their suggestions Let’s get started!

Be Friendly When Talking

How to Get Your Customers to Get More Involved with Your Business

Customers feel much more related to the brand when they feel that there is someone on the other side, like them, who is talking to them. That’s why we recommend you, unless your industry does not allow it for protocol reasons, maintain a calm, friendly language, and if your public accepts it, not too formal.

That the language is more relaxed does not mean that the consistency of the message should change, you can transmit the same in different ways and expect different answers from the users.

Never lose sight of what you are interested in is that they stay true to your brand, so even if you have to give bad news, try to highlight a positive aspect of the situation. Be cordial, friendly and invite your users to feel comfortable with you.

Achieving Interaction

How to Get Your Customers to Get More Involved with Your Business1

As we have already said several times, your website is your presentation on the web, that is why when creating it you must take into account the personality of your brand. Analyze well the content, images, fonts, colors and icons that appear on your website, it is important that you never forget that in several cases your site will be the first place to contact your business for many of your potential customers.

That is why, if you want to give a warm welcome, it is important that you make them feel involved from the beginning, how? Asking questions in your paragraphs, you understand?

The questions make the visitor feel more committed to what he is reading as the editor gives a voice that makes them participate!

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Establish Exchange Spaces

Business button 24 hours service icon web sign

You can have excellent communication with your customers, but if you are the only one who is communicating we have a problem. Writing rhetorical questions that help make your users feel more comfortable reading you is not enough. You have to let them literally ask you questions.

Remember that if it is not you who invites your users to ask and offer answers, they will find other channels to do so and probably the result will not be very positive (such as rumors, forums, etc.).

There are many options for you to achieve this:

  • Create a newsletter.
  • Invite your users to leave comments on the pages of your site.
  • Add a live chat.
  • Put together a form of contact.

Choose the one you like best and the one that works best with your audience!

Apply Suggestions

How to Get Your Customers to Get More Involved with Your Business3

Once you get feedback, it’s important that you do something productive with it. Who likes to talk nonsense?

That is why if you take a suggestion and put it into practice, such as offering a product already existing in your catalog, but in another color, you have to communicate it first with the one who gave you the idea.

You can send an email thanking you for your suggestion and showing you how you are going to put it into practice. In this case, a personal email and with some extra information (like a video behind the scene of how you are doing the product) will always be very well appreciated.

Also, if you want to go a step further, you can make it public How many times do we see in bars that there is a drink dedicated to someone? Try to do the same!

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