How to earn with Beacon?

How to earn with Beacon?

What are and how to earn with beacons

In the last period, there is a new way of earning online and is represented by beacons. This is the last frontier for commercial communication and so-called proximity marketing.

A Business Insider 2014 report estimates that by 2018 in the US will be installed four and a half million of these systems. But let’s find out what they are and how you can earn online?

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The beacons: definitionHow to earn with Beacon?

Let’s start from the beginning: Beacon technology is based on Bluetooth, meaning the ability to send and receive small messages in the vicinity (in an average range of 50 meters).

Basically, there are two parts in the beacon: a presenter (a beacon device) and a receiver (a Smartphone app). The first one serves to advertise a particular product or service and usually starts “I’m here, my name is …”.

While the receiver detects these beacon sensors and does everything you need to do.

The transmitting party only delivers information.

The transmitter does nothing but sends this information every fraction of a second.

For example, if McDonalds decides to install beacon devices within its fast food and create an app that can talk to the user, once the latter enters a specific locale, they may notify you of a particular promotion when you Find it at the cashier or inform it when it is coming out.

Then, with information transmitted by each beacon, an app after reading it can tell how close (or far) it is to the phone and make actions, such as sending alerts, offering discounts, turning on or off the lights, opening the Door, and more.

In plain words, beacons are nothing more than messages sent by transmitting devices, then they are detected and processed by a receiving device, such as an app.How to earn with Beacon?

As far as hardware is concerned, beacons are rectangular units of a few centimeters with a battery, placed next to the object to be connected. To install them you need to ask the help of a professional in the industry. A beacon costs an average of $50, but goes, of course, programmed. And if you need to develop an app that’s connected to it, the costs will increase further.

Where are the beacons?

Nowadays, earning beacons is possible and is used mainly in stores to communicate the latest offers to the customer, show them the technical data sheets of the products at the point of sale and the comments of those who have already used them. It’s like having a proactive personal assistant, which automatically gives us all the information we need.

In the United States, they were even used to promote the cartoon of the “Minions” through billboards posted on public transport, which was connected via beacon to those who were on the bus to show the trailer.

The beacons are also exploited in museums in the form of hi-tech guides that tell through the cell phone the history of the works, the socio-cultural context in which they were made and the technical details revealed.

How to earn with beaconsHow to earn with Beacon?

Beacons allow any online business to make money online and increase the visibility of their products or services. This is a new, innovative system that allows you to know, in a targeted and non-invasive way, your business.

It is not a promotion strategy that assists the customer and does not allow you to achieve great results in this regard, such as the traditional newsletter, on the contrary, this system supports the user in discovering the brand easily. You will only need to download a specific app.

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