How To Choose The Best Van For Your Business

The choice of a van for commercial use is a fundamental element if you want to ensure that your business develops in optimum conditions and is not interrupted by the occurrence of breakdowns or poor performance of the vehicle.

Throughout this article, we will share with you a series of fundamental keys that will allow you to choose the commercial vehicle that best suits the circumstances of your company and professional activity.How To Choose The Best Van For Your Business

Loading capacity

If the use of the van is primarily intended for the transport of goods, the cargo capacity should be the first technical specification to which you should pay attention.

However, do not limit yourself to the volume of cargo. Make sure you know other relevant aspects like:

  • Trunk dimensions: The height, width, and depth of the trunk can influence the load you carry, especially when dealing with large objects and packages.
  • Useful capacity: check that the technical specification of the boot capacity is not including a double bottom that does not suppose a surface available for the use.
  • Trunk release: The trunk of the trunk is also a factor that will determine the maximum size of the objects you need to carry.

Capacity for transporting people

In the case that the van has the objective of transporting passengers, the variables to be analyzed are considerably different.

What are the keys?

Comfort and equipment.

Depending on the length of the routes and the comfort you want to provide passengers, the equipment of a van becomes a major factor.

Emblematic models, such as the Renault Kangoo and Citroën Berlingo, are considered pioneers among the commercial vehicles that began to offer own benefits of a minivan.

However, if you are looking for even bigger models, we recommend you take a look at the equipment of the Hyundai H-1, one of the leaders in the market.

How To Choose The Best Van For Your Business1

Easy Parking

If the commercial activity that your operations or you are going to carry out requires frequent displacements by the city, the use of a model of the specially bulky van could end up becoming a veritable headache.

It is advisable to know how to give up some transport capacity, in order to guarantee urban operability. The aforementioned models of Renault and Citroën are two good examples of vans that are easy to park in virtually any environment.

Level of consumption

Make an estimate of the number of kilometers to be made each year with the van of your business.

Fuel consumption is a variable cost in which the choice of an efficient engine can make big differences.

Pay attention to the available engines and choose the one that best suits the terrain of the geographic area of your activity, as well as the distances usually traveled.

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Commercial vans are the most abused vehicles in the world of automotive, which is why they suffer more breakdowns and malfunctions in the chassis and suspensions, as well as brakes, engines, and turbos.

You can discover other of the most frequent breakdowns of existing vehicles, by clicking on the link.

The overload and lack of care of the mechanics while driving are two of the classic examples that characterize the use of these cars.

The Peugeot Partner and Citroën Berlingo, as well as the Mercedes Vito, have repeatedly slipped into the reliability rankings made by Deka, one of the leading international coverage organizations specializing in certification and inspection in the world of automotive.

How To Choose The Best Van For Your Business2

Our recommendation

The investment of buying one or several vans for commercial or industrial use may not be within the reach of any business, especially considering the reliability problems that may arise from the intensive use of the same.

Unfortunately, one of the most common alternatives is to use the second-hand market, which only increases the risk of suffering some type of damage due to poor maintenance by the previous owner. To all this, we add the more than foreseeable obligation to pass the ITV from the first moment.

The Renting van is one of the best choices available to freelancers and companies. Not only does it mean to get a totally new van, but it lets you forget about any car maintenance issue.

All overhauls, as well as repair of breakdowns, are contractually included, so you just have to worry about getting the most out of the vehicles.

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