How to ask your boss that you want to do your work from home?

Why choose to do your work from home?

Working from home has several points in your favor. For starters, you can work from a comfortable space where you feel relaxed. You will not have to chat with your co-workers on the days when you are in a bad mood, you will not have discussions generated in teamwork or dealing with people face to face.How to ask your boss that you want to do your work from home2

Another advantage is being able to be your own boss and not depend on anyone. This will give you the flexibility to work at the times that are most comfortable and not have to get up necessarily at a certain time, or for the same amount of hours every day.

It is a good option economically as you will not have to spend as much money on gasoline going to work. Not only will you save money, but also time going back and forth from work. You’ll save a lot of time standing in traffic, wasting valuable time with your family and friends and events that you want to go during the day.

The reasons are clear and perhaps you have already decided that doing your work from home is what will make you happy. But how can you ask your boss to tell you if?

How to ask the boss for permission?

A good option if you have already worked from the office for a long time, is to ask your boss that you know that it is not possible at this time to give you a promotion and raise your salary and that you would prefer at this time to save money on the expenses of Transportation, working from home a couple of days a week.

How to ask your boss that you want to do your work from home1

If all of your company employees work in an office, it is likely that your boss is not too predisposed to make an exception and let you work from home every day. It may be best to ask to be able to work from home a single day or a couple of days, at least at the beginning, so your boss can get used to the idea and see if you can finish all your projects in a timely manner.

If you manage to get your boss to give you the option of working a couple of days from home, you need to be even more productive and efficient than you are in the office so you can see that this is a good idea for you and for you. the company. Above all, you have to be willing to make a commitment to your boss and maintain flexibility.

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When you have the conversation your boss, you should have a plan already formulated. The plan would have to include options for how to communicate with your co-workers and your work schedules so that in the office they know when they can contact you if it becomes necessary. It is important that you think about the benefits for the employer or at least prove that this option will not be negative for the company. Your boss should know that you’re going to work as hard at home as you do at the office, if not more.

How to ask your boss that you want to do your work from home

Things you have to avoid

Giving an ultimatum to your boss and threatening to leave the company will not help you. Few dependents are really indispensable to a company and the boss will not appreciate you setting him against the ropes so that he does the favor you ask him. Do not risk taking them away, and have a friendly conversation, being willing to make the necessary changes in your plan to work from home

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