How Can A Blog Help Your Business?

We know you’re asking yourself: A blog? Who has time for such things? You are the owner of a small business, and you are working all the time. Your company is new, your schedules are unpredictable, and what you called “free time” seems to be a beautiful memory of the past.

You are interested in completing the most important tasks for your business, such as building your online presence , finding new clients and improving your service. If we talk about long-term planning, you are probably thinking about the importance of putting together a marketing plan, investing in advertising and doing a good market research. But we have a secret: creating your own blog will help you much more than you think.How Can A Blog Help Your Business3

Why a Blog?

We believe it’s time to change the meaning that everyone understands by “blog”. Stop thinking about a blog like an intimate diary on the web, written by a teenager without too much experience. A blog is a great opportunity that gives you internet so you can share the knowledge you have about your job field, and thus, establish yourself as a better professional.

The internet connection from any place and at any time is already a reality in our day to day, and marketing knew how to take advantage of this. Even though we’ve learned how to hide annoying banners, and how to skip that YouTube video that does not interest us too much, we’re always looking for content. Many consumers consider themselves proactive Internet users, looking for what they want before allowing brands to reach them.

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Think about this situation: a couple is moving to a new apartment. Surely, they will spend a good few hours reading articles such as “How to make the room look bigger” or “10 ways to order a small kitchen”. If you are an architect, interior decorator, or own a home painting business, this can help you get new clients!

About I Can Write What?

Internet users seek sincere opinions on a specific topic and different points of view, so that they can make a decision based on concrete data. Many professionals do not know how much information can be found about their field of work.

A publication with some secrets, tips from a professional, or a well-formed opinion may be exactly what your potential customers are looking for. A Pilates instructor, for example, can publish a guide on what are the best times of the day to practice these kinds of classes and how it influences people’s lives.

How Can A Blog Help Your Business

Another trend that is taking an increasingly large place on the web are the brands that strive to look more transparent and friendly. How do they succeed? They take their customers to their factories, show who their employees are, and what their day-to-day business is like.

The tools to meet this goal are social networks, a photo on Instagram that shows the first piece of a new fashion collection, a Snapchat for the chef to take you to the kitchens of the restaurant.

With a blog, you can also achieve a similar effect. If you have a refreshment shop, why not do an interview with one of the bosses to talk about those boxes of new wine imported from France? Count what happens in your company and who manages to make it so incredible!

How to write?

At the beginning of this article we already made clear what a blog should not be: an intimate journal. Here the important thing is that you can create quality content, publish it as often as you like and understand what your readers want and how to reach it.

As advice, we would like to tell you that you put an exact target on your blog. For example: I must publish an article two or three times a week, to reach the end of the year with approximately 30 articles in my arsenal.

There are several styles of publications you can use. You can tell how you did at a training conference and how you participated, you can write an article in a more technical style, telling you what the specifications of your next product are, or you can interview someone who already used (and fell in love with) one Of your services. You can also choose to buy different products, so your audience will understand why it is better to choose you. In short, the possibilities are endless, write something that represents your business!

How Can A Blog Help Your Business2

We know that it is very feasible that you do not write for a long time, but this can be fixed quickly. First, we encourage you to start by reading other blogs to inspire you on how to write and what terms to use. Second, there is no one in this world who knows more about your business than you do! So leave your worries and fears aside, and start writing. It will take a couple of items to feel completely comfortable in front of the keyboard, but it will be worth it.

What do I get out of this?

We are not going to lie to you, keeping a blog with quality content, aware of trends and active is not simply a matter of minutes. But you have to see at this time that you are going to dedicate it as an investment. First, you can create your blog for free and help your business name appear on one side. You will also be able to demonstrate how well your team is trained in your area of work. And, apart, you are going to position yourself as an active business, which is updated weekly. You will build an excellent reputation!

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Now, the part that everyone was waiting for: Your SEO. That magic acronym that appears so much in the online world. It is important that you understand that search engines love to find original and creative content. In addition, they reward web sites that change frequently and are updated a lot! Show Google that there is someone behind your website!

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