Five Different Types Of Commercial Refrigeration Units

When your business is selling food and drink to consumers, you need to be sure your refrigeration is up to the job, and it’s not just a ‘one size fits all’ situation.

Five Different Types Of Commercial Refrigeration Units

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If you open a restaurant, it makes sense to make space for oversized fridges and freezers to maximise your efficiency for bulk ordering discounts and being able to store food safely. Depending on the space you have, you might invest in several units for different ingredients. Chilling drinks in a restaurant or bar will need a different unit.

1. Cool Drinks

Image is everything for many drink manufacturers, and they’ll spend a great deal of money on their branding. Understandably, they want their bottles displayed in the best possible way, such as a merchandising unit. These units are great for behind bars as they have glass doors so customers can see the products well and staff can replenish stock easily.

2. Back Bar

The units that aren’t visible to customers can be deeper and store all the less ‘glamorous’ bottles like mixers or non-branded drinks where it’s not so important for customers to be able to see the bottles. Capacities can be quite large in order to keep up with demand of a busy bar.

3. Under Counter Units

The nature of these units means they are smaller but are nonetheless powerful, sometimes even freezers. They are a great compliment to other units mentioned above, for example to keep merchandiser units fully stocked for as long as possible by supplementing supplies.

4. Reach-In

The closest to a domestic fridge, this is a commercial version for having everything a busy kitchen staff needs close to hand. It is generally more powerful with a larger capacity.

Five Different Types Of Commercial Refrigeration Units

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5. Combined Unit

Perhaps the ultimate for any kitchen, a unit that combines refrigeration with preparation space is a great investment. Available in various sizes, they’re useful for all sorts of food prep, especially when space is short.

Whatever it is you need from refrigeration for your business, there is a sizeable online market available to choose the perfect unit for your business, from companies such as

For more information on the rules surrounding commercial refrigeration, see the information on the government site for energy.

Whether you’re keeping milk or meat cool, choosing the right fridge is easier than ever.

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