British eating out sector is growing fast

With so much negativity in the air concerning UK economics and politics, there is a huge sigh of relief coming from restaurant owners across the country. According to experts, the British eating out sector is currently growing fast and is set to increase by £10b in the next two years alone. So why is business booming all of a sudden?

British eating out sector is growing fast

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Why has eating out grown in popularity?

Thanks to low inflation and the fact that people are at present more financially secure, the prospect of eating out is no longer a debate. Add to this the increasing numbers of restaurants hitting our high streets, and it’s no wonder people are feeling more tempted to go out for a bite to eat. Not only is it quick and convenient, the average three-course meal costs less than £15.00 per person plus there so many different varieties of foods on offer. As the Telegraph reports, more than half of our home-prepared meals are inspired by foreign dishes, nothing beats having a meal cooked for you in the traditional way.

What are we eating more of?

Industry experts are seeing more managed pubs and eat in/out pizza outlets entering the market, as well as international restaurants and, of course, bakeries. For example, American-owned Dunkin’ Donuts is soon set to have an even bigger presence across many big UK cities. It’s not only food that Britons are craving, it’s drink too. A range of modern juice bars are hitting the high streets and the number of coffee shops is continuing to grow, thanks to success within the sector.

With so much business to cater for, restaurants, pubs and cafes need to be equipped to provide the level of service expected by their customers, because otherwise they will see those customers go elsewhere. Those in the industry can source a range of quality grade catering equipment, from professional coffee machines to commercial ovens, at 24/7 Catering Supplies (

Who is eating all this food?

As we’ve discovered, there are a variety of options to suit any diner and with increasing numbers of restaurants offering wider international cuisines, all UK residents are eating out far more than they ever used to. That said, the figures suggest a particular upward trend in the number of 35-44 year-olds dining out.

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