The alternative, space saving living options that young people are buying into

Generation Rent is getting fed up with not being able to get on the housing ladder. Instead they’re finding unconventional ways of getting out of the spiral of high rents and unaffordable housing by creating their own living options.

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Even with a deposit roughly 40% of today’s young people are struggling to afford a home. That’s why they’re looking to alternatives like tiny homes in Wales and Gloucester park homes for sale at affordable prices.

Tiny spaces

The tiny home trend has been massive in America for some time now, but has finally crossed the Atlantic to the UK. In Powys, young people are enrolling in building courses to craft their own tiny home and free themselves from the shackle of a mortgage and financial commitment to bricks and mortar.

When owning more conventional homes seems increasingly out of reach, the attraction of a tiny, mobile space is obvious. Whether it’s a log cabin on a trailer or a converted van complete with kitchen and log burning stove, these minute living spaces can be achieved for as little as £2,500 and can easily be moved from a friend’s drive to a neighbour’s smallholding.

It’s easy to see the attraction of an energy efficient tiny home or easy to move van for young people who have different priorities when it comes to the work/life balance.

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Alternative homes

While some millennials and Gen Xers are opting for a life on the move, some are staying put in alternative homes. When you consider that Gloucester park homes for sale offer superb accommodation for a fraction of the price of a conventional home it’s easy to see why they’re becoming a viable option for young people who want a solid base.

Another alternative is to create a low cost home using sturdy and flexible shipping containers. They’re an appealing choice for young people who are environmentally aware and prepared to recycle and repurpose materials to create alternative living accommodation. It’s an excellent way of creating cost effective and unusual housing that you can really put your stamp on. And if the container home turns out to be short term it can always be resold.

Not only are millennials looking for affordable ways to get on the property ladder, but they want to reduce their environmental impact, too.

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