7 Steps to Getting Your First Role in the Pharma Industry

The pharma industry is continuously growing and there’s certainly a demand for staff in all sectors. However, that being said, it isn’t always easy to find employment as competition is incredibly fierce and companies are generally able to pick from the cream of the crop.

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These 7 tips will help you get a foot in the door of an industry where staff are always needed.

Graduates Wanted

Pharmaceutical companies look for high calibre representatives and always seek out an applicant that would be suitable as the face of the company. If you want to secure a job in the pharma industry getting a good education will make you a far more desirable candidate.


If you have the correct credentials but lack experience opting for an internship is a smart move. You can get in touch with a company that offers clinical staffing solutions and ask if they can give you any leads for offering your services for free. Interning is not only a great way to get a foot in the door, it also helps you network.

Take an Associated Sales Position

If you want to be a pharma rep you can always gain work related experience by working for a similar company. The drugs that you will be charged with presenting to medical business managers and doctors alike result from Paid Medical Trials and then licensing as a drug. trials 4 us offer paid medical trials that have helped to develop new treatments and drugs to help with a number of different medical conditions and diseases.


Whenever and wherever you can, network as much as possible. If you make contacts in the industry they can be invaluable, as you’ll hear about potential positions before they open and can be prepared to step straight in.

Draw Up a Great Resume

Even if you don’t have sales experience, a great resume that really sells you can make all the difference. Get your resume written or checked over by a professional and ensure that it reflects you in the best possible light.


Being persistent is a very positive trait in job seekers, and if you keep trying you will eventually succeed.

Apply for Positions Strategically

By treating your job search as a job in itself you stand a better chance of finding a position you really want. Stay up to date with the latest industry happenings and look for gaps in the market wherever you can.

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