3 Things That Motivate Employees More Than Money

3 Things That Motivate Employees More Than Money

Motivate employees whatever one may say, money is not the main motivator for work, although it is not unimportant. Let’s be honest, there are more important things than money. Even if your salary is more than a million dollars, but you are working on wear and tear in a stuffy dark room, with people who hate you and do things that you do not like, then your motivation will sooner or later come to naught. No money will not keep you for long.

Why then motivate employees? Well, let’s see to the beginning what they want.

The Maslow Pyramid

The Maslow Pyramid is a pyramid of human needs. At the lower levels are the basic needs, which can be satisfied with money: food, sleep, a roof over your head. When we close the basic needs, we begin to want something more. We want to be appreciated, respected. In general, we want to self-fulfilling, and this is the highest need.3 Things That Motivate Employees More Than Money

That’s why some money is not enough. If in your company a person sees prospects for development, then he will not want to leave. Let him reveal his potential, and he is yours.

But this, of course, does not mean that you can cut their wages and feed only by self-realization. First, you need to close the basic needs.

How can motivate employees to be implemented at work? How to motivate employees? Here are three ideas on how to do it.

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Highest Goal

If your company does not yet have a goal and missions, then it must be changed urgently. This is the basis of corporate culture. Whales on which the company rests.

Without a vision, without a global goal, it is not clear why you and your people are working. And when a person realizes that by his work he benefits the world – his motivation is growing. After all, everyone wants to see the meaning in what he does. This is exactly what motivates people more than just paying their salaries.3 Things That Motivate Employees More Than Money

For example, in Zappos, every employee understands that his work is needed. This is an online shoe store in the US. Their mission is to bring happiness to people. Every employee tries to make customers happier. Helpdesk staff, for example, will help with any question. Seriously, with any. Even if you need to order pizza, they will prompt the nearest pizzerias. Here such service.

Do so that even the cleaning lady in the company understands that her work helps to realize the goal of the company, and your motivate employees will work much more productively. And an important point: the goal must be noble and fully realizable.

Voting right

Can your employees openly and without fear tell about their ideas? Or they immediately point to the “place”?

In order for the company to develop, encourage employees to express their ideas. They must understand that their voice will be heard and that they can affect the work of the company. If you do not listen to employees, then do not be surprised that they do not want to work and do not express any interest in the company’s activities.3 Things That Motivate Employees More Than Money

The author tells how he worked for 6 months in one supermarket. During these 6 months, a third of the employees quit. Everyone knew that he was there temporarily. And all because everyone was spitting on everything. He himself tried first to promote a new marking system that would facilitate the work of employees but faced the indifference of managers. And in the end, he lost interest in his work. After all, what’s the use of doing something, if no one needs it?

Allow employees to contribute to the development of the company. And do not forget to appreciate it. Recognition and praise really mean a lot. Praise for good work motivates everyone.

Good working conditions

Let’s remember about the same basic human needs. So, ventilation, good lighting, cleanliness, no noise – these are the basic conditions that you must provide. But this is the minimum. Benefits for employees, a pleasant office, team building and everything else is what will make your employees happier.

Look at Google. No wonder this is one of the most powerful companies of today. Excellent office, free and delicious food, free services. You can go in for sports right in the office. And there is a program of 20%, according to which employees can devote a fifth of their working hours to projects from which, in their opinion, Google will get the most benefit. It spurs creativity and innovation. Is not this a dream company?3 Things That Motivate Employees More Than Money

Look at Google.  No wonder this is one of the most powerful companies of today.  Excellent office, free and delicious food, free services.

Turn your company into a place where people would dream of working. This does not mean that you now have to redesign the entire office in the latest fashion, put the coolest coffee maker and so on. Just ask the staff, and what they would like to improve? What is missing in the office?

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And it is also important to make friends among themselves. A good confidential atmosphere sets the working mood and raises the motivation of employees. A happy and happy person is able to work much more efficiently.

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