Why Small Businesses Should Be Digitized?

The Modern Era of Digitization

Why small businesses should be digitized if they want to survive

The economy of digitization is inexorably increasing. These questions about business models have remained over time and are becoming a massive driver of economic turmoil. Not surprisingly, small service providers with limited budgets are still reluctant to use digital solutions for their business.

Beauty salons, restaurants, manufacturers and other service providers are often reluctant to use and incorporate digital solutions into their business.

The two main reasons are the lack of technical knowledge and the lack of awareness of the opportunities offered, as well as the skepticism in terms of costs. But digitization is unstoppable and will find the way to introduce small service providers into the business, opening the doors to new business models in innovative startups.

As the digitization opens the doors

As the digitization opens the doors

What are the reasons behind this? On the one hand, customers are becoming more active on the Internet. The search for information on the part of the users on their mobile phones, online stores, organization of their time and things, makes the use of the Internet even greater. Anytime and anywhere. Small service providers have to adapt to the trend. They have to learn that digitization is becoming a fundamental tool to stand out among their competitors.

On the other hand, another trend is to increase the importance of digitization in small service providers. That is a small business must learn from the big. Of course, a hairdresser should not worry about every new trend in the market, just like the semantics of the web. But knowing that digitization is linked to the great possibilities, is increasingly widespread. Most of the digitizing tools were first used by leading companies in the market. And that is why now is the time for small service providers to find their way. This trend will accelerate further in the coming years.

Book online dating

Book online dating

An example of the advantage of digital solutions is the management of online dating appointments. Online, in this sense stands out for its independence in time and space. Let’s take the example of a wellness service provider. Imagine sitting on the couch in the evening, and there is the possibility of checking if there is availability to arrange an appointment for a massage. The service provider will not receive any disturbing telephone calls, but there is also the possibility that, for example, the reminder of the appointment is automated through short messages or emails.

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The small number of people who are not present is enough to cover the cost of an adequate software solution. It is very likely that online bookings will become the main trend of the coming years. Especially for service providers who are new to the market.

Customer Management

Why small businesses should be digitized if they want to survive

A further example is the customer management. Compared to the obsolete system of chips or paper, there are significant advantages that can be achieved with intelligent software. For example, a hairdresser can have a global vision and know immediately, when your customer will return to the classroom or if you prefer coffee or milk, etc. In addition, the hairdresser can take a photo of the client with the new look of the same or the latest wicks made and have evidence of it in the database.

For example, if the client wants to be given the same hairstyle as a famous one, the hairdresser can have a record of it. These kinds of individual actions may seem like little but the feeling and customer satisfaction will increase your income.

New ways to improve the opinion of your customers

New ways to improve the opinion of your customers

In addition, digital customer management offers new ways to provide feedback. For example, there is the possibility of asking customers their opinion about the service provided, either automated either by text message or by email. Most customers feel more valued when asked about their level of satisfaction after the service received.

For the service provider, this has two advantages: first, the information provided is often more sincere, comprehensive and valuable than the direct feedback obtained within the facility.

Second, the risk of unhappy customers expressing disappointment in the online platform is reduced. And there is also the possibility that the service provider can contact them immediately.


Why small businesses should be digitized if they want to survive

That is why now with the marketing, service providers can break with the established. While in the past advertising was limited to the local newspaper because of budget constraints, now with social media, as well as other methods, communicating with customers is simple and economical.

For example, you may be contacted by text message or email. A restaurant could, for example, send its menus daily or call the attention of its customers with special offers, which will cause an increase in the volume of business, thus increasing the number of customers. It is a very powerful tool to be able to contact customers and be able to communicate the latest news.

Online visibility and reach

Online visibility and reach

In this context, online visibility and reach are becoming increasingly important, especially among potential new customers. The number of consumers, with the special offers, are growing more and more, and all this has a special relation with the greater use of the smartphones.

Using an attractive website and mobile network is important, but it is more important to have a good position in Google and be among the first results when a search is made. For example, there are solutions today that automatically ensure the presence of your business in the directories. In this way, the position of your business in the different search engines is undoubtedly improved.

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These are just a few examples that could be used unlimitedly. From 5 to 10 years the digital solutions described will be a crucial factor for the businesses of the local service providers.


Those who take advantage of the opportunities will be more successful in the future, especially the new entrepreneurs. Great opportunities have advantages in changing through innovative and affordable solutions.

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