Wedding Photographer: A New Form Of The Old Profession

Wedding Photographer: A New Form Of The Old Profession

What can be more familiar than a wedding photographer? But if you approach the implementation of this profession in a new way, you can learn how to earn excellent money.

How many years there is a picture, as many people try to capture happy moments. Can I find new opportunities in the profession? How to correctly implement this business idea? About the project in the light of today’s technology will be discussed in this material.Wedding Photographer: A New Form Of The Old Profession

General Principles Of Wedding Photographer Business

Generally, the process looks simple: customers are located, photos and videos are taken at the event, and the images that are provided to the customer are processed. But modern technical capabilities allow you to diversify the usual shooting, which allows you to create interesting and competitive photos.

What to Offer To Customers?

One of the main tasks is to determine the type of the final product. Of course, if the wedding photographer, the first thing that comes to mind is a set of photos taken at the event. You can adhere to the classic standards in the work, but today this approach is not always beneficial. Ideas can be a huge amount, the most in-demand of which are described below.

Wedding Photographer: A New Form Of The Old ProfessionTotal Volume Of The Survey

Provides for the collection of all footage in chronological order. This will be a multi-hour video that is rarely watched in full, but the very fact that customers have “everything” will prove to be attractive.

The material is better presented on a disk (or several), decorated in the style of the past event. But do not haphazardly throw all the files into a bunch, you need to collect them in accordance with the logic of the holiday.

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Short Video

From all the footage you need to make a squeeze for 20-30 minutes. The most interesting, colorful, funny, memorable is presented in the form of a small film, which tells about the last wedding.

This file will be viewed frequently. Therefore, the selection and processing of materials for him should be given increased attention. Funny and curious moments – it’s very interesting. But we must not forget about the main thing – video-selection about a happy event in the life of two people. The main characters should be the newlyweds, even if one of the guests is more interested in the photographer.


The essence of this idea is to get a classic, all-famous wedding photo album. A small book with photos a few people can be surprised, so you need to apply imagination.

Albums are created in the form of large books with leather covers. Form the wall calendars, in which part of the date is replaced with a photo. Glossy magazine with illustrations about the past event is popular. He can be completely devoted to the wedding or stylized to a famous publication, in which they “wrote” about the marriage.

Selection of photographic materials for the album is carried out either by the photographer himself or agreed with the customers. A photo is built in the logic of the chronology of what happened: the beginning of the wedding, the ceremony, the walk, the banquet, and so on.

Wedding Photographer: A New Form Of The Old ProfessionAn interesting idea is to process photos “under the old days”, but not all and to varying degrees. The earlier the event occurred; the “older” the picture should be, the later, the closer to the present day. So it should continue until the final photo, which can look modern or somewhat futuristic. This will create a special perception of the wedding time: as if it was not hours, but years.

It should be borne in mind that not every idea may appeal to the client; therefore the wedding photographer must agree in advance on the amount and type of information received, describing possible options, their costs, and alternatives. It is important to take into account that the customer can abandon the previously conceived; therefore it is always necessary to leave the originals.

Wedding Photographer: A New Form Of The Old ProfessionProject Implementation

Implementing an idea into reality can be both a professional photographer and a beginner. In the first case, there is an advantage not only in skills but also in the availability of necessary equipment – the most costly expense item. An approximate calculation will be made to implement the idea from scratch.

Financial Investments

This is the most expensive part of the project. To work, you need a professional camera, lenses, filters, flashes, battery, storage devices, computer, software, printers and much more. All this will cost in the amount of $5000.

In addition, there will arise systematic costs: advertising, taxes, maintenance, and repair of equipment, transportation costs, etc. (approximately $8000).

Intellectual Investment

In addition to the technical part, you need to master and software. All ideas will be embodied in the special photo and video editors with the help of applications. With this software, it is necessary to work at a high professional level. If there are no skills and it is not possible to obtain them independently, costs of courses, seminars or distance learning should be included in the costs.

Wedding Photographer: A New Form Of The Old ProfessionAdvertising Campaign

Bulletin boards on the Internet, social networks, newspapers and personal sites – all this is suitable for finding customers. But for the customer to agree to cooperation, dry advertising is not enough, as in the implementation of any other business idea in the service sector. It is necessary to produce the result of previous surveys. You cannot take someone’s pictures and show without permission – it’s illegal and can lead to legal proceedings.

The easiest way to form a portfolio is to agree on a free wedding photography in return for allowing the materials to be used for advertising purposes. This should be the best work of the photographer because it is for her future customers will evaluate the professionalism of the artist.

Wedding Photographer: A New Form Of The Old ProfessionProfitability

Before moving to the revenue side, it is worthwhile to dwell on the shortcomings. The main two are the high cost of equipment and great competition. Based on this, the data on potential incomes and the calculation of the payback will be presented.

Provided a competently designed advertising campaign, in 5 months the wedding photographer will start earning.

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The considered business idea requires considerable expenses and a high level of professionalism.

In addition to good earnings, the photographer will receive moral satisfaction from his work, which will make possible difficulties secondary, highlighting the positive aspects.

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