Web design: why firms should listen to their employees

A well-maintained digital footprint is more important than ever in today’s business world, and it’s importance will only grow in the future. As such, businesses spend more time reviewing their web content based on web statistics and customer feedback.

How often do firms consider employee feedback rather than just customer feedback when making changes, and why should they be listening to their employees when it comes to their web presence?

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Employee involvement in the design process

It is easy to measure positives in your web design through customer feedback and analytics as the customers your site and your business click with will easily be able to tell you the things that made them pick you.

Negatives, especially if it’s through omission, are much more difficult, and that is where employee input can make all the difference. When you get past initial meetings with a developer, such as Leicester web design firm http://www.leicester-website-design.co.uk/, start talking to some of your departments, especially outward facing ones, and get their feelings on what your current site is missing and what really sells your company to the customers they speak to.

It is entirely possible that your marketing direction, while entirely accurate, is missing something fundamental that your company does well, such as personal or onsite support from your support staff, or you are overlooking an aspect of your business that your sales staff uses to drive client sales home.


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Social media and web presence

In addition to your web site proper, integrating social media, both on a business level and a personal level, is a major trend. According to Harvard Business Review, 80 per cent of the CEOs of the world’s 50 largest companies are engaging with social media.

Social media engagement, through official business accounts and even by individual employees, humanises your business in a way that no web site can and reaches a completely different group of not only customers but also potential new employees.

The modern online world is looking for transparency and engagement, not just a manicured marketing push. Engaging with your employees gives you a multitude of online channels, each with a distinct human face behind them.

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