Top PR blogs you should be following

PR certainly isn’t all glitz, glamour and champagne toasts. For busy professionals, working in PR can often be incredibly stressful and time-consuming. It’s great to be able to get some hints and tips from those in the know in the industry, so here are some top PR blogs you should be following:

  1. Stephen Waddington

For all things related to social media, public relations and marketing, Stephen Waddington is a guru. Speaking from great career experience, including the Chief Engagement Officer with Ketchum, he provides valuable industry insights and wise advice on all aspects of PR. For help with your PR, contact a PR Agency Cheltenham like

  1. The Skimm

With a Twitter following of 142 000, there is no questioning The Skimm’s popularity. The topics and advice are concise, straightforward and no nonsense with a particular focus on the many ways social media can be used for PR purposes.

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  1. L2Daily

Topics cover all areas of PR but with a slight focus on brands, the discussions on this blog are fun, bold, entertaining and refreshing. It shows how to do low budget PR campaigning on social media without the necessity of hiring The Marketing Heaven. For anyone looking to reignite their love and passion for PR, this is a must read.

  1. Norton’s Notes

With almost two decades of industry experience to call on, Chris Norton is a fountain of knowledge and his blogs provide insight on many topics including crisis management, social media and digital PR. Chris Norton is an award-winning professional in his field and this blog should not be missed.

  1. PRexamples

This blog is a great source of information about clever PR stunts, strategies and campaigns from across the globe. It won the Best PR and Comms Blog at the Vuelio Blog Awards last year and boasts over 60,000 monthly visits from those in the industry looking for inspiration and guidance.

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  1. Power & Influence

This blog specialises in corporate affairs and communications with a wealth of experience from investment, stakeholder engagement strategies, energy firms and government from across the world. You’ll find the latest hot topics from key industries and professional contributions, making this blog a leading authority in corporate communications.

  1. The Dan Slee Blog

As the co-founder of comms2point0, Dan writes this blog with a focus on PR, social media and digital comms in the public sector. Dan’s blog is ideal for sourcing real tips and advice that can be used in on different channels to help make communication better and more efficient.

  1. All Things IC

A blog supplied by a communications consultant and trainer with a specialist look at internal communications as well as matter relating to the wider world of PR. Rachel Miller approaches unique topics that affect the sector, such as a lack of diversity and mental health awareness. She often works as a keynote speaker at events, has contributed to several books and acts as a PR awards judge. This woman truly knows her PR stuff!

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