Top free membership management software options

If you’re on the search for an efficient and functional system for all your corporate activities, with the aim of replacing complicated Excel spreadsheets, then look no further. Here, we have gathered information on some of the top free membership management software options on today’s market. As you’ll expect to see, each system offers its own pros and cons yet one of these products is sure to fit in with your needs.

Top free membership management software options

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Free membership management software options

Silkstart and MemberPlanet, both relatively new, are web-based products which allow businesses to organise and grow their membership group all in one place with the help of useful visual dashboards. Both products are able to run surveys, accept payments and much more. While Silkstart is free if you have less than 1,000 members, MemberPlanet starts charging a monthly fee when you reach over 200 members. That said, MemberPlanet hits PCMag’s list of best membership management software options of 2017 with a 3.5 star rating.

If you’re looking for some software that you can put your own personal touch on, MembersGear might appeal to you. Meanwhile, GroupSpaces also provides the opportunity to integrate the software with your existing website. However, the software does not integrate with any accounting packages, which may limit its appeal to some companies. Zenbership, a clean and modern option, looks fantastic, although some technical knowledge is required to get to grips with installing the free software. Unlike GroupSpaces and many other membership managements systems, Zenbership does not start charging when you reach a certain number of members.

Top free membership management software options2

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Alternative membership management systems

In reality, all free software comes at a price. If it’s a brilliant, responsive and time-saving tool, then you’re bound to have to pay for it somewhere down the line. Products claiming to be free and unlimited probably have disadvantages of their own, be it quality or user-friendliness. As such, you may be inclined to reach out to a professional web development company, such as Ofec ( for your membership management needs. Choosing a professional firm means that you will be able to work with a highly qualified team, with an excellent reputation.

Whichever membership management software option you choose, and no matter what price you pay, the chances are that you’ll be saving yourself more than you know, because you simply cannot put a value on your time.

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