How To Sell An Apartment Quickly?

How To Sell An Apartment Quickly?

Beginning to sell an apartment, each owner sooner or later faces a dilemma: to sell the apartment yourself or to seek help from market professionals and sell real estate through a realtor (real estate agency). Each of the options has its own specifics and features, which are worth knowing so that when it’s time to sell an apartment, make the right choice.

How to sell an apartment: an instruction for the owner

Determine the cost of an apartment

It is very important to determine the correct pricing policy at the very beginning of the sale of the apartment and cooperation with the agency. Situations when the cost of the object incorrectly stated by the owner or agent leads to losses (temporary and financial) and delay in the timing of the sale, unfortunately, take place in the real estate market.

Price of the apartment if the apartment is priced correctly and corresponds to the current market situation – its sale will not take more than a month (more – if the apartment is very specific). To the seller of the apartment does not waste time, money, nerve cells, buyers, with the definition of the price you need to be accurate enough, to focus not on the actual price of the offer, but on the prices at which similar apartments were sold. It is for this information that our company’s specialists are oriented when determining the cost of apartments.How To Sell An Apartment Quickly?

Placement of advertising on portals

After determining the cost of sales, you need to place advertising on specialized portals: make photos, write catchy texts. You need to tell and show your apartment so that potential buyers choose it among 2, 3, 4, 27 variants of similar apartments. Before showing your apartment to potential buyers, put the apartment in order: it concerns dust on the cabinets and personal belongings in the bathroom.

Communication with potential buyers

When selling yourself, you need to be prepared for persistent calls (not always at convenient times) for both potential buyers and agents. You can also face the situation when you want to look at an apartment among the working day or the day you planned to leave the city: your plans will have to be amended.

When showing the apartment to potential buyers, be calm and confident. Try to make a favorable impression on the buyer: this may affect the effectiveness of the meeting.

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How to sell an apartment through a real estate agency

If the option of self-selling an apartment does not seem attractive to you and you are used to everyone doing their own business, you can contact one of the real estate companies.

Evaluation of an apartment by a realtor

Our company does not conclude “dead” contracts at any price, taken by the owners sometimes from the ceiling, not otherwise. We begin work with sellers-sellers by examining the apartment and preparing an opinion on the sale price.

Be afraid of those “specialists of a wide profile” who are ready to evaluate your object behind your eyes and conclude any contract (for advertising or for the provision of real estate services) without your visit to the office of a real estate company. The first is simply not professional, the second – it contradicts the current legislation.How To Sell An Apartment Quickly?

Documents for entering into a contract with a real estate agency

When concluding a contract for the provision of real estate services in our company, you will need:

  • Technical passport for the apartment.
  • Certificate of state registration.
  • Passport of the owner
  • A title document (a document on the basis of which you became the owner).

What else you need to consider when selling an apartment?

If the owners of the apartment are several persons, they all must attend the conclusion of the contract and have civil passports with them.

Note also that if you want to sell an apartment purchased in a marriage, you will need to obtain the consent of the spouse. There can be several exceptions. The most common of them: if the apartment you got in order of inheritance or donation; if a marriage contract has been entered into between you and your spouse, which changes the legal status of the object.

How to work with a realtor when selling an apartment?

The agency with whom you are going to conclude a contract for the sale of an apartment must necessarily have a valid license from the Ministry of Justice and an insurance policy. If these documents are not available – the real estate company has no right to carry out its activities.license after entering into a contract for the provision of real estate services (in the office of a real estate company), follow the instructions of a specialist in real estate activities who work with you. Remember: all actions that an agent or realtor will perform – shows, cost reduction, etc. – must be agreed with you, including in writing (when it comes to changing the selling price). To sell an apartment through an agency as profitable as possible, you need to be really interested in selling – do not interfere with the specialist hired by you, do your work and listen to advise.

For example, during a photo shoot, we recommend completely removing personal belongings from the apartment: many toys, plates, pots or jars in the bathroom will not make the apartment more attractive. By the way, we wrote about the preparation for the photo session of the apartment and the shows here.How To Sell An Apartment Quickly?

How’s the deal going?

After the buyer is found at your apartment, the agency must arrange a meeting with you and with the buyer – at the office of the company, where an agreement on the intention to make a deal will be signed and a deposit is transferred. After that, if the buyer is interested in providing him with real estate services, a realtor or a company lawyer starts checking the apartment and preparing the necessary documents for the purchase and sale of documents.

The buyer has the right not to enter into a real estate contract and to inspect the apartment, its acceptance, the organization of settlements and, in principle, the whole transaction of purchase and sale independently (if it has enough will, skills, patience, money and time).

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By selling an apartment yourself or with the help of a real estate agency, be supportive and polite to potential buyers, but do not let them manipulate you and sit on your neck. Often it is cooperation with the agency that helps to reason with reason.

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