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debutantes Entrepreneurs often start with a commercial activity that does not require general or specific license skills while possible with a relatively small investment effort.

Usually, it started with the opening of a small shop or booth in the exhibition hall. As for the choice of the trading range, employers tend to favor those products they know well, among other criteria such as availability of economic and commercial goods.

Many novice traders make the mistake of trying to sell many different issues at the same time. This is definitely the wrong strategy on trade specialization. The first thing you should focus a beginner entrepreneur is specialization in a niche market and customer acquisition, for what must first prioritize the public they will go their products since an electrician hardly will interest the kind of mechanics and vice versa.

Image source : Google image
Image source : Google image

Another premise that must be taken into account when attracting customers regardless of specialization, is the kind of audience you are destined effective since there are certain groups of products that are typical of women or men. Women usually serve as trade issues, choose clothes, cosmetics or jewelry. Men, on the other hand, are mainly interested in automotive electronics or construction materials.

Another resource that we can be worth to choose our first commercial activity without having to determine the selection process explained above, it is to choose a genre with effective suitable for all audiences as stationery, as in any company, regardless of the activity that engages need office supplies and suppliers to become a massive online service can be a very profitable business idea.

Each stationery that opens experienced steady growth since its inception, but over time this figure begins to decrease and stop getting new customers so that from that moment the employer should consider expanding the business by creating a site corporate web to reach a large group of new customers.

To develop a commercial website to include pictures and descriptions of all products so that consumers get all the information as faithfully as possible, besides including prices per item and wholesale, setting the number of units per batch and possible discounts for lots purchased.

Develop a list of subscriptions to keep customers updated on new stock and website promotion are necessary to achieve success with our own business and expand Internet bases.

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