Promote a business on a budget?

When we are preparing a small business money is often scarce and can not always afford to meet all the criteria of a business plan, it is common to stop the advertising field for “later” when business is already underway and They allow profits to invest in something more than raw material and production.

The following are some examples of creating an advertising plan with a low budget and even without investing anything, naturally do not expect too much of these measures as they are designed only if they do not want to invest money.

Image source : Google image
Image source : Google image

In the following example we will see the hypothetical case of the sale of natural foods and low in calories, the following measures will be taken:


  • Create a fanpage on Facebook and invite our friends and potential customers to visit it and see our products, for this we must prepare the appropriate page with photos and descriptions of our products.
  • Pages free market and allow us to promote our products free of charge and the commission is paid only if a sale is achieved, but there are payment options.
  • Make discount coupons or posters and give away to potential customers, as they are inexpensive we can give them away in the street as many people as possible.
  • Give free samples, but not to anyone as this implies a cost and should look for people interested in the product in the case of natural food could be in gyms.
  • Although it may be tedious search for dealers is a way to sell more quickly our products, but the start is difficult for a supermarket trust us is why you should look for small distributors in this case would be small wineries that are interested in selling our wholesale products which can be combined with the above steps such as taking free samples to get a contract.
  • Create a free blog on Blogger or WordPress can also help create a showcase on the Internet in which we can demonstrate the quality of our products, place information and images that draw the attention of our customers, if possible you should buy a domain to improve our virtual presence.

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