What is Personal Development and why is it important?

Personal development is the ongoing commitment to improve one’s skills, talents, potential and employability. It is the act of improving yourself and your prospects, whether in life or in the workplace. You might have heard businesses talk about the importance of investing in the personal development of their staff, and here’s why it’s so important:

Provides Focus

Personal development helps a person to see a future path and a clear idea of where you wish to be in a certain length of time. It provides a target to work towards, motivating you and allowing you the positivity to achieve your goals. A Motivational Speaker is also a great idea to use as they can provide that focus and get colleagues engaged and upbeat.

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Hones Existing Skills

You already have a wide skill set, but personal development activities can help to sharpen those skills and work on any areas of weakness before progressing. Online training courses for businesses give you the opportunity to seize any chance to learn and increase your knowledge regardless of whether any formal qualification is attained. Learning and growing are the main benefits of personal development plans..

Find Hidden Talent

Following a plan of development can help you to unleash talents and skills you didn’t know you possessed. You might try something new and feel immediately comfortable with it, giving you new direction and purpose or enhancing your current job role.

Become More Effective

Personal development encourages employees to feel empowered, achieve more and thus meet their targets more effectively. For a team to function at its best, its members must feel empowered, energised and valued. It has been said that these things are increased by ten times when a commitment to personal development is shown by a business.

An investment in staff development also improves the culture and image that your business projects. It also makes the company far more appealing to potential employees who are attracted by the learning opportunities on offer.

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Increase Job Satisfaction

Personal development plans foster loyalty, motivation and satisfaction among employees. Money is not the only motivating factor for job seekers who now desire the chance to learn, grow, be challenged and enthused.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

Happier employees exude confidence and positivity. A customer who has been on the receiving end of impressive customer service from a satisfied staff member is far more likely to recommend your business to others. Staff levels are less likely to suffer from poor retention because they feel valued by your company. This positive vibe translates to better customer service.


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