Opening a factory wooden cages

There are no great mysteries as to mount a small factory cages, being that most people begin to do this from home, but as the goal here is to take the business seriously, you can rent a space in which you can put all your teams and thus have a larger structure to produce its products . If necessary, also recruit others to help in the manufacturing process in general.

We can not also forget the legalization of this mini factory , but can easily be formalized as an MEI (individual Microentrepreneur) to be so, your business running smoothly. Try also  focus on spreading its factory, at least initially , so that people can become familiar with your business and get impact on the regional market.

Image source : Google image
Image source : Google image

Equipment to build a factory of wooden cages

Like all businesses, to open a factory cages also need to invest in equipment and working tools. Its main equipment are: a drill, a saw, tico tico saw, sandpaper wood, pliers, scissors, hammer, ruler, wood glue, fiber rods and more. Besides that, surely you need a table where you can work on making their cages and some sort of platform to expose the cages made.

Naturally, the cages are made both of wood, wire or cloth, so it can diversify its products for all tastes of its customers.

How to sell cages made?

One of the big questions of who is thinking of putting into practice the business is precisely in relation to the sales process. Despite being a fairly common product but does not have a high dressing such as selling clothes, cosmetics and other products commonly used everyday, yet it is possible to achieve excellent sales results both in its region, such as distributing other cities in different states.

Image source : Google image
Image source : Google image

So take a moment before opening his factory, and define where you will sell your products.  You can mount a store cages, distribute vendors licensed bird, create a website to sell your products or even export to other states where there are not many manufacturers.

Mount a wooden cages factory is profitable? Is it worthwhile ride?

The initial investment to build a factory cages is low and is less than $ 1,000 , but everything will depend on the structure you go to ride. The truth is that even being a rather atypical company in most places, it is possible to make money in itself and there are wooden cages that can cost over $ 150, therefore, it gives good profit if you focus on the assembly of a cages factory.

Always remember that the key to success is planning , then make an initial assessment to check for potential customers, if it is profitable to work in that area and whether the benefit may be sufficient to keep. They are important to consider details, but overall worth investing in the business, provided you have the knowledge and the will to work!

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