Landing pages are important and here is why

Landing pages are used by online marketers to drive an action. They are the pages you are taken to when you click a link in an email that is marketing a specific product or service, taking you to a particular part of a website rather than its home page. Companies like digitel who provide SEO Gloucester way have years of experience and knowledge about landing pages, content creation and even site specific placing with the correct amount of trust and citation flow.

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The most effective landing pages are clear and simple, making it obvious to the user what the page is about and how to obtain the product or service. There are some key things you can do to make your landing page more effective and take advantage of the boom in online buying about seo domains.

Content is king

A good landing page is all about the content. By creating pages targeted towards specific products or services, customers can be directed to individual pages based on what they are looking for and the choices they have made from email links.

You can also customise landing pages for each of your social networks; for example, people from Twitter can be directed to a different location to those from Facebook. This not only allows you to personalise offers for each network but also lets you track the effectiveness of your social network presence.

Collecting data

If you want to use your landing page to harvest information on prospective leads, a company offering web design can help. If you are offering a free report or ebook, for example, you can create a landing page form to collect names, email addresses and other details from people who download it, providing valuable leads for future marketing efforts.

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You can also use content pages to support your advertising. Pages linked to a specific campaign – either by a unique web address or, better still, via a QR code – can help to improve conversion rates. As with social networking, these help you to track the campaign’s effectiveness.

It is important to note that the page content needs to be relevant to the advert; therefore, keeping your landing pages up to date as your campaign progresses is vital. You cannot afford to allow your pages to become out of date or be out of step with you print or email marketing strategies. You can, of course, experiment with different combinations of adverts and pages to see which delivers the most effective results.

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