Know the differences between Visa and MasterCard

Know the differences between Visa and MasterCard

There are two labels that distinguish the cards, debit and credit cards, Visa and Mastercard You know what this means or what are they?

Visa and MasterCard in detail

You have probably heard of the advertisements and seen the signs where it says that they are accepted in some establishments. These are the credit and debit cards. They are not really banks and financial institutions, they are technology companies that make payments in the world possible.

  • These two companies do not issue plastics directly, they do so through banks and financial institutions.
  • MasterCard does not really charge commissions for its use, they are the establishments that charge the commission for having a terminal.


  • Provide medical and legal assistance outside the country.
  • They provide insurance in case of loss or theft of luggage.
  • Offer protection for purchases and cards.
  • They have special promotions and exclusive events.
  • They give concierge service.

Differences between Visa and MasterCardKnow the differences between Visa and MasterCard

The full name of the visa is Visa International Service Association.

  • Each time a purchase is made, a password must be used.
  • The discounts offered are different for each country depending on tastes and consumption habits.
  • This company operates in more than 2.1 million ATMs around the world.
  • Visa cards can be used to pay for approximately 30 million businesses around 170 countries.

MasterCardKnow the differences between Visa and MasterCard

  • Cards that are master card need a PIN or personal identification number when you pay.
  • This card is accepted in 24 million shops around 210 countries.
  • It can only be used in approximately 1 million ATMs.
  • MasterCard promotions apply according to each country, but still, customers have the opportunity to save for their preferred brands according to loyalty.

Sometimes there is the option of being able to choose between one or the other. At the time you go to the bank to get a debit or credit card asks according to the availability of your choice. Do not forget that at the end of accounts it depends directly on the bank if you have both options.

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Remember that the cards are an excellent financial tool, depending on whether it is a credit debit there are precautions or proper handling that should be given.

In the case of credit cards, it is not an extension of your money and special care must be taken when it is spent on credit.

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