Is web design AI the future?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the stuff of science fiction and remains the Holy Grail of many digital innovators; however, there are reports of companies creating AI applications that are reputed to be able to design a website literally within minutes, saving the customer time and money. Can artificial intelligence ever replace the web designer?

Is web design AI the future

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How advanced is the technology?

The Next Web recently published an article about The Grid’s new AI web designer program. Still in its infancy, the program removes the traditional web designer from the process completely, cropping photographs and choosing fonts and colours with minimal input from the client.

Meanwhile, Adobe has announced its latest project, which also crops photographs and designs web pages using artificial intelligence. The company reports that it is still a long way from introducing the concept into the mainstream; however, insiders believe that the technology represents huge steps forward in making AI a reality in the world of web design.

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Will it really catch on?

The companies behind the latest AI web design projects obviously believe that the technology will become popular, thanks to its ability to create websites quickly and cheaply. They believe that business owners will turn to AI web design programs to create functional websites without requiring any knowledge of coding or graphic design.

Yet while an automated program may be able to crop and place images and decide on colour schemes, layouts and fonts, they are still constrained by the lack of human input. Artificial intelligence will not recognise when font styles are not compatible and won’t pick up on the details that a trained web designer and graphic artist would.

Many web design companies already understand the financial constraints of smaller businesses, which simply do not have the funds for a completely bespoke web design package. This is why so many companies, such as the Cardiff web designer, offer budget-priced websites based on programs such as WordPress. Standard designs can be tweaked and altered to create unique but inexpensive sites that the customer can update as required, all with minimum financial outlay.

It seems inevitable that AI developments will lead to some of the more boring and mundane aspects of web design becoming automated in the future; however, the technology is unlikely to put professional web designers out of business just yet.

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