Interesting Business Ideas Of Public Catering

Interesting Business Ideas Of Public Catering

Preparing gourmet dinner parties and organizing parties for you is not hard work, but continuous pleasure alone? Then it’s worth considering interesting and original business ideas of public catering from this article, as well as taking note of the peculiarities of creating your own business in this area. Perhaps this is your lucky ticket to a great promising business!

  • Specialization and customers. You can specialize in activities such as weddings, birthdays, parties or daily cooking of corporate dinners. Your customers can be commercial companies, charities, and individuals.
  • Skills.In addition to culinary talents, you will need organizational skills, time management skills and careful planning. It will also require basic knowledge of safe methods of cooking and store food, laws on liability in the field of public catering and health standards.
  • The advantages of this business are that the preparation of different dishes is a creative and fascinating process. You can show your imagination in preparing original dishes for parties, you can invent new dishes and try out exquisite culinary ideas, and you will also be well paid for it.

People have always liked to eat deliciously, and in the modern world, food in public places is becoming more and more fun, so the prospects for such a business will always be.

Interesting Business Ideas For Public Catering

Service delivery of ingredients for healthy food.Interesting Business Ideas Of Public Catering

The popularity of a healthy lifestyle will only grow   – it is a stable and positive trend around the world.   The American company launched the original start-up service for delivering ingredients of healthy food Plated. The essence of it is that the customer is brought all the components of a healthy lunch, breakfast or dinner from the existing menu. The constituent components of the dish are accompanied by a step-by-step recipe for its preparation. The main feature of this interesting business idea is that the average time for which you prepare a healthy dinner does not exceed 30 minutes.

Bakey’s edible spoons based on cereal flour – to ice cream and other dishes.Interesting Business Ideas Of Public Catering

The novelty of Bakey’s – an eco-friendly spoon that users can simply have a snack after dinner, can become a special “chip” of your establishment. The device is harmoniously combined with ice cream, yogurt, and various soups. It is made from three types of flour – rice, wheat, and sorghum. Spoons do not contain preservatives, trans fats, dairy products, and like even the most demanding user, including vegetarians. Bakers plan to expand the range of edible cutlery and start producing forks, dessert spoons, and chopsticks. You can become one of the first establishments where only utensils will be used as cutlery.

The barman is on call.

This idea is suitable for a beginner single entrepreneur, but over time it can grow into a solid business with hired employees. ” Leasing” their bartender skills on weekends, in the evenings, and even daily on an ongoing basis is a great way to earn a decent living. You can provide your freelance bartender services to public catering companies or be a “coming” barman during weddings, banquets, corporate parties. You can also be a “coming bartender” of hotels.Interesting Business Ideas Of Public Catering

Even if you are not 100 percent trained in the speed of cooking the latest recipes for exotic drinks or do not know all the subtle aspects of the bartender’s work, do not be embarrassed, because now there are many schools offering barman training. An important condition, however, is communication skills and a good communication skills with people. You can use other bartenders as needed, and send them on call when you receive a lot of orders. Such a small enterprise, “Bartender on Call”, can eventually generate a serious income.

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Catering – the service of passengers on board the aircraft.

It is possible to organize catering services for passengers on board the aircraft on a commercial basis by concluding an agreement with the airline. The composition of the menu can be different and very different in the number of dishes, depending on the airline and the class of travel. Ready dishes, as a rule, are cooled, then to warm up on the ground before take-off, instead of to prepare from ingredients in a fresh kind. Since you prepare food for a number of different people, you need to be careful when preparing food, observing all the rules of storage and cooking, to exclude cases of mass poisoning. In addition, you will need to follow recommendations that are specific to air travel.Interesting Business Ideas Of Public Catering

Each airline strives to offer a high-quality service. In many countries, the quality of flight catering provided during the flight is one of the airline’s main marketing tools to stand out from the background of others. One of the “chips” and a positive trend here is that organizations providing catering services have developed and are constantly improving the range of food for passengers with restrictive diets. Passengers can choose the type of alternative food in advance when booking tickets. The most common types of such food are vegan and vegetarian food, various religious diets, medical diets with low fat and cholesterol, baby food options.

The production of alternative catering of various kinds is an actively developing direction in the sphere of public catering, which can be easily realized on the Russian market.

Preparation and preparation of the program for a romantic dinner.

This idea may seem strange, but it has every chance of success and already exists as a kind of catering service. Not everyone in love can cook a romantic dinner with a surprise, and even more so place the dinner with aromatic candles, flowers, and create the right atmosphere. If your head is constantly visited by ideas about how a couple can spend a romantic dinner, as well as thoughts on how you could apply your culinary talents, then this is exactly the case for you.Interesting Business Ideas Of Public Catering

The romantic menu should be built in such a way that it is unforgettable for loving moments, and in the program to take into account not only, in fact, dinner, but also create the necessary atmosphere and mood, so that lovers can enjoy food in the most romantic atmosphere. At first, you can invite your friends or family members as clients, and then ask them to recommend your services to all your friends and acquaintances.

Restaurant Buffet.

In restaurants, working on the principle of a buffet for a fixed amount, visitors can take as much food as they like. However, the penalty for the food left on the plate may slightly exceed the cost of lunch. The owners of such restaurants do not consider that due to fines they can incur losses.Interesting Business Ideas Of Public Catering

On the contrary, the fixed price of lunch attracts more and more visitors to the restaurant. If you have long dreamed of opening your own restaurant, but you are stopped by the idea of how to attract customers to the crisis and where to get them at all, then – that’s it, the solution! The idea will significantly save time and resources for a constant recalculation of the calculation of dishes and the formation of prices. And with the promotion will be even easier: the facts show that popularity comes to such institutions almost on the day of their discovery.

Personal chef services.

Prepare delicious dishes for people who organize home parties, as well as for small special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries, or even corporate meals, wherever there is a stationary kitchen that you can use for work. Personal chef services are becoming a popular alternative for entrepreneurs who do not have a large budget for full-scale event services. This type of catering services is an excellent option for people who want to conduct small events that do not require the provision of a full range of catering services.Interesting Business Ideas Of Public Catering

The advantages of running this type of services are obvious: low overhead, low initial costs, and part-time work. Promotion can be organized through social networks – a great way to quickly spread the news about your personal chef service. This is a type of business that can lead your customers through word of mouth and repeat sales. Having organized such a business, you can work first part-time, and then, as the number of clients increases, start a profitable enterprise with hired employees.

Take note of other business ideas similar to these, as well as quite unusual business ideas for creating an unusual business project.

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Preparation of specialized food products.

When a person comes to the store for groceries, most often in the depths of his heart he wants to cook from them not just soup, but something special. In an era when there is very little time to stay at home and bake cookies, cook homemade jam or pickle cucumbers, most of us scan supermarket shelves in search of special home dishes from a distant childhood. So if you are known among family and friends as a specialist in homemade pastries, pickles, and jams, then the business of preparing specialized foods can become your piece of bread, not even bread, but a home-made pie.Interesting Business Ideas Of Public Catering

Specialty foods can range from salad dressings to chocolate-coated flavored bread. If you can do this, you can and sell it, having basic knowledge in the field of marketing. The business of preparing specialized foods is more about marketing than cooking. The advantage of this business is that you constantly solve creative tasks of varying complexity, related to both cooking and selling such dishes. And if you believe in your product and cook it with your soul, it can become a very exciting and promising business for you, and your clients will benefit not only the positive emotions associated with pleasant memories from childhood.

Preparation of special sauces.

Even narrower and more specialized niche, in comparison with the niche of cooking specialized dishes. All people must eat, and everyone wants to eat well, enjoying it. To organize this business, you do not need to have the best chefs in the world, you will not need the most expensive ingredients. Only knowledge and skills are needed in the preparation of delicious sauces. In the French cuisine has long been a special kind of chefs – a cook who is only engaged in preparing special sauces for a variety of dishes.Interesting Business Ideas Of Public Catering

The problem of quality and healthy nutrition today is that too many people become consumers of fast food, where a very small selection of spices and fragrant sauces. And also in the fact that too few cooks really know how to cook them. You can solve this problem by making hot sauces, sweet and sour, vegan and vegetarian sauces, or meat sauces. It is believed that most of the taste of the dish depends on the sauce that is used for it. The secret to creating a good sauce is attention since the sauce should not contain lumps, nor should it be too thick or too liquid. Also for making sauces, except spices, you will need a sense of time, especially if you combine this with cooking the main dishes.

Now there are many sauces, giving meat taste to vegan and vegetarian dishes. The creation of these recipes was a response to the growing demand for such dishes in the market. If you know how to make such sauces, then you can further narrow your assortment and specialize precisely on such sauces.

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