Five Ways to Manage Remote Workers

When managing a team of employees who are working in different offices or from home, you must utilise good management techniques.

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Here are five ways to manage remote works.

1. Open Communication

According to a recent study, 25 per cent of flexible workers feel lonely, remote and isolated.

As a manager you must open the channels of communication with your remote workers, especially to understand more about their needs and wants, as well as ensuring they are enjoying a flexible working environment.

2. Hire the Correct Employees

Not all people are able to work remotely, because they lack the drive to complete their work from home. Some workers prefer an office based environment because it provides the rigid surroundings that they need to get their work done.

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However, there are many employees who find working from home allows them to be more productive than working from the office.

By defining the requirements of working from a remote location, you can prepare your employees by making your expectations clear.

3. Provide Opportunities to Collaborate

Some of the greatest ideas are heard during meetings at the office, which means you must work harder to create these moments.

Collaborative tools make it simpler for employees to talk and share ideas. Technology such as online drawing boards and conference calls can be implemented which make working as a team easier.

4. Monitor Progress

It can prove challenging to monitor your remote workers. Therefore, you must set goals and monitor progress to understand what they achieve on a daily basis, as well as how this could be improved.

Establish a schedule and document trails which allow you to track their progress.

5. United Communications

Consider the tools which your employees are given. If working from home, a VoIP solution allows calls to be forwarded directly to them from the office. There are many benefits to VoIP; for example, it allows managers to access the analytics of business calls including the quantity, recordings, duration and hold times.

VoIP also provides your business with a professional front, no matter where your employees are based. Contact an international VoIP wholesale provider such as for the perfect solution for your business.

A united communications solution will allow your employees to take business calls from their mobiles and work seamlessly in any location.

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