Experiences in mutual funds

Leaving aside the purely theoretical papers I found it interesting to tell my experience investing money in mutual funds, before proceeding, I must clarify that I am in Peru as the rules and especially the possible outcome of your investment can vary from a country where you are .

First I must mention that the investment is made approximately 4 years in a bank called Interbank, as it was my first time decided to “try” with little money after seeing how little they paid fixed deposits. The amount was chosen 2000 soles (about 694 dollars) and chose the extra conservative plan which provides lower earnings but has a higher percentage chance of getting your money in a short time compared to plans that promise higher profits in longer but are riskier.

Image source : Google image
Image source : Google image

The result was that a few months began to drop my money something I do not worry too much about that invested money not needed in the short term and also the plan promised to return from the 12 months, after 8 months my money had the worst low almost reaches 1600 suns say is I lost almost 20% and at that time made me question whether it was worthwhile to keep waiting and withdraw money but nevertheless leave it longer.

What happened the following months was that I began to recover a certain amount of money each month until the amount invested ie without any profit and that is another moment where you also become the question whether it is worth removing that he could start losing again, once more I decided to leave the money and the fund became profitable ie started to gain some (very little) every month and good me happy and thought it would never stop but that was a mistake as I come to a stop after which he began to lose again I kept waiting and continued to the lost and decided to withdraw the money but I think it was late my decision, the result was that in 13 months or earn about 11% which was higher returns compared to a deposit fixed term.

No longer would have happened because while banks promise some return at a certain time is not safe, as any investment involves risk is the possibility of winning nothing and even lose money.

Currently, I have made a riskier new investment with a much larger amount and that promises higher profits but with a longer time in almost two years still lost but the plan promises profit after 5 years so keep waiting as it evolves and promises to tell you how turned when removing the money.

If you are interested in investing in mutual funds I recommend a few things:

Invest money that you do not need in the short term and keep in mind that you can lose so do not make future plans with these amounts or at least not with the alleged profits.

Find out very well on the plans offered by banks as they offer different yields, times and types of risks from moderate to very risky.

Be patient because the really hard earnings in the short term and especially tries to meet the deadline in which promises to return the plan you have chosen.

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