How To Choose A Business School

How To Choose A Business School

Any sphere of activity requires development, including business. Especially in the era of high competition and the time when obtaining higher education is an absolute minimum for a professional. The university does not provide enough practical knowledge; so many businessmen receive additional education in business school. Here they do not listen to the dry theory, but study the real situations faced by entrepreneurs, communicate with colleagues, and make useful acquaintances.

Business school is an excellent option for obtaining new skills and experience because it can be included in any schedule. Almost every school offers a remote course. Most often, those who come to the lecture, you can choose between the morning, evening or the course of the weekend.

The number of organizations, courses, and coaches is prohibitive, so the question of which business school to choose is very relevant. It is best to immediately sift out questionable institutions and choose a professional-proven path.How To Choose A Business School

The most popular program is the MBA. As a result, the student receives the so-called master of business administration degree. It is based on a global system of business education, but in the programs are adapted to local realities. Training is divided into two areas: general and strategic management or specialized programs for a particular area of business. These programs are divided according to the criterion of “experience” of students. So, the Executive MBA is suitable for top managers with experience.

Each school can adapt the MBA program to its criteria, so when choosing a school, you first need to find out what you will be taught. One unifying detail – MBA is an international program, and a diploma you can use abroad.

What you can get from this education:

  • Practical skills. Students are offered to work out various business cases, project training for real life, and listen to lectures from practicing teachers.
  • Connections. Students on the course – mostly beginners or experienced entrepreneurs, senior managers. In the process, they exchange experience, establish contacts with each other. That is, this site becomes a real networking zone. Moreover, in a good school and teachers are businessmen who can help with the right contacts.
  • Feedback. In the case of stagnation in business, a student can learn about how colleagues have dealt with similar situations and get an objective opinion.
  • Personal growth. Communication in a circle of active, highly intellectual people who aspire to knowledge, of course, motivates them to new achievements.

How To Choose A Business SchoolOf the complexities of training in business schools can be called:

  • Expensive. A good school will cost quite a lot, but it’s an investment in yourself and your future.
  • The need for self-discipline. To your work and non-working life will be added a huge layer of information and practical assignments.
  • The language barrier. Any international business school requires excellent knowledge of English.

Before choosing a business school, you need to decide what you want to get from the MBA program. Where will you work after the training: in federal companies or internationally, abroad or within the country? Foreign schools are famous for their quality, but the cases they offer may not be suitable for reality.

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So, what are the criteria for choosing a business school?

  1. International accreditation. A serious business school must have this document. This confirms the quality of the program and gives you the opportunity to use your diploma to work in other countries.
  2. The list of graduates. Very eloquent criterion. Open the TOP-100 of entrepreneurs and check which business schools graduated best in the country.
  3. Teachers. Another important point. A good business school invites as acting teachers successful entrepreneurs, real practitioners. The task of MBA is to prepare students for real business situations, and not to provide theoretical bases.
  4. The MBA program. It is necessary to pay attention to the “age” of the program, its “experience”. Of course, it is important that training affects the business you need. The term of study for this program also matters: in good business schools it is a year or two. All the proposals “express course MBA for six months” may be, to put it mildly, ineffective. Pay attention to what MBA your current or future colleagues were studying. It is better if in one company the team studied the same way.
  5. Ratings. Annually various ratings of business schools are issued. Pay attention to them is, however, this is not a key criterion. The fact is that the ratings are based on annual rates, which may not reflect the full picture. In addition, they are formed on a standard set of items that may not include your scope.
  6. Reviews. You need a realistic assessment of the course. You can search for records about schools on social networks or other sources.

How To Choose A Business SchoolWho is eligible for the MBA? As a rule, these are already practicing entrepreneurs or people who go to some career goal (get into an international company, get a top job). Students must pass a kind of entrance examination. The Higher School of Business requires from applicants the availability of higher education and work experience. The MBA program is suitable for those who have worked in management for two to three years.

Choose a business school is not easy: you need to study the program, pupils, teachers and decide how much you are willing to spend on training. Immediately be ready for a major investment, but you are unlikely to receive an MBA degree again, and the knowledge gained will help pay back the invested funds.

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In addition, you will receive excellent experience and connections that can result in a profitable partnership.


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