Become successful entrepreneurs: 5 stories of reaction to failure that inspire

How to become successful entrepreneurs putting themselves in a position to face the daily difficulties at their best? Let’s find out right away together taking into consideration the different cases listed below: 5 examples of great people able to transform the many difficulties encountered and the defeats suffered in the course of life in a stimulus to achieve their goals.

# 1 – Henry Ford – Ford Motor Company

Failure is a chance to start again smarter.

Although, as things stand, Henry Ford (Dearborn, July 30, 1863 – Detroit, April 7, 1947) still represents the ninth richest person in history, before earning $ 109 billion with his Ford Motor Company. ‘made such, had to oppose with all their strength at least a couple of considerable failures as was the Hemp Body Car, a car (never put on the market) made entirely of hemp fibers and fueled by hemp ethanol (the fuel was refined from the seeds of the plant).Become successful entrepreneurs 5 stories of reaction to failure that inspire

What would have happened if Ford had surrendered to the initial hurdles? Surely he would not have found what is still in all respects one of the largest car manufacturers in the United States and the world.

# 2 – Colonel Sanders – KFC

Have ambition in your work, willingness to work and integrity in what you do.

Before Harland Sanders (Henryville, September 9, 1890 – Louisville, December 16, 1980) was named Colonel of Kentucky for the quality of the meals served in the kitchen of the gas station entrusted to him by Shell (soon becoming one of the most successful business owners of the planet thanks to the opening of the famous KFC chain), has spent a good 2 years sleeping in the back seat of his car.Become successful entrepreneurs 5 stories of reaction to failure that inspire

The future Colonel went around knocking on all the doors of the restaurants in the area to propose this particular recipe for chicken: the received waste have even exceeded 1,000, but at the number 009 attempt has finally managed to get the first consent. How would it have been if Sanders had not made patience and perseverance his most outstanding qualities? He certainly could not have laid the foundations of an empire today consisting of about 18,000 fast food restaurants spread all over the globe.

# 3 – Thomas Edison – Edison Trust

Do not be discouraged because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.

When Thomas Alva Edison (Milan, 11 February 1847 – West Orange, 18 October 1931) began his career as an inventor and entrepreneur of the United States, he certainly never thought he had to fail a thousand times and had to register 1,093 patents, before succeed in devising his great project of life: the light bulb.Become successful entrepreneurs 5 stories of reaction to failure that inspire

What epilogue would Edison have had if he had not shown a similar level of stubbornness, stubbornness, and ingenuity? In all likelihood, it would never be possible to become the greatest inventor of our time.

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# 4 – Vincent van Gogh – Painter

People often make art, but they do not notice it.

Despite Vincent Willem van Gog (Zundert, March 30, 1853 – Auvers-Sur-Oise, July 29, 1890) has never been particularly successful as a painter during the short life granted and despite being faced with the most disparate difficulties.Become successful entrepreneurs 5 stories of reaction to failure that inspire

He nevertheless continued to pursue his passion creating 864 canvases worth hundreds of millions of dollars and over 1,000 drawings appreciated especially after death, when the style of the artist began to deeply influence all the art of the twentieth century. What diversity would contemporary art have if van Gogh had not continued to give vent to his creativity? Certainly, there would be considerable differences (and shortcomings).

# 5 – Joanne Rowling – writer

It does not matter what a person was born to, but what he chooses to be.

If J.k. Rowling had said after the various garbage received by as many as 11 different publishers, who at the twelfth attempt would be able to publish thanks to the simple intervention of an acquaintance his first book Harry Potter, probably could never believe it. What would have happened if Rowling had given up on the project to get published? It certainly could not have started what is defined in all respects as one of the most profitable careers in the world.Become successful entrepreneurs 5 stories of reaction to failure that inspire

These are our 5 examples of how bankruptcy can generate successful “entrepreneurs”: more or less striking cases that should make us understand how important it is to pursue our goals despite the obstacles and the many daily difficulties.

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