An Introduction to Sensory Marketing

We all know that shops want us to go inside and spend money, but did you know that the stores are employing psychological tactics to try and get you to spend your money?

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This may shock you, and you may think that it seems a little morally wrong, but in reality it is one of the most popular forms of in-store marketing. It is called sensory marketing, and there are lots of different ways that companies use sensory marketing to encourage you to part with your money.

Sensory Marketing

We are in an economic crunch, and stores are feeling the pinch as much as the shoppers, so sensory marketing is now more popular than ever. From fast-paced music to encourage you to eat your food faster to branded scents that you recognise every time you walk in store, there are lots of forms of sensory marketing.

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Sound Marketing

Many stores use music as a form of marketing. Research has found that upbeat, energetic music makes people walk faster and buy things faster, while familiar tunes are more likely to make people slow down and enjoy the shopping experience. This means that they are more likely to buy something as they are in a good mood.

This can work negatively, too: music that is too loud or too fast will make customers want to leave the store before spending any money, so it is important to get the sound marketing perfect if you want to increase your sales rather than lose customers.

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Visual Marketing

Visual marketing is also a very popular form of in-store marketing. Research has found that clean lines, neat shelves and not too many products mean customers are less likely to become overwhelmed, so they are more likely to peruse your products for longer.

Scent Marketing

Some stores always smell so good… and it might not be accidental. Many stores, such as Starbucks, have their own branded scents that you can find in their stores all across the world, and many people find the familiar scent reassuring and comforting, so they are more likely to spend some money in-store.

Sensory marketing is a great tool that can be used by businesses to increase engagement and sales.

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