Advantages of having a credit card

Often complaints about credit cards hear: high fees, high interest rates and little information given but as they say there is always something positive to rescue in this article will mention some reasons why if we have a credit card in our hands waiting write in the future the other side of the coin that is why we should deprive ourselves of them.

It lets have a credit history

If you’ve never made a loan or some type of credit required a good way to start building your credit history is through a credit card, if you have a proper use punctually paying your debts will allow you to have a good rating which means you’ll be able to access loans in the future depending on the amounts you’ve handled and other variables such as the amount of your income. Remember that information is handled by different entities credit so your record can be accessed by different entities that gave you credit card, in other words to responsibly manage your credit card transmit the message to the banks and other entities credit you are RESPONSIBLE AND ASSUME you YOUR DEBTS.

Remember that if it is the first time you apply for a loan there are many chances of being rejected because of having no credit history or failing that you put a higher interest in having a higher risk for the entity.

Image source : Google image
Image source : Google image

It is a means of payment accepted in various parts of the world

The credit card is a means of payment accepted worldwide (depending on the restrictions of the bank that issues the card) and may be accepted in other countries but it is especially useful when looking to shop online because it often happens that it seeks to acquire some low price but the only means of payment accepted is credit card.

Pay for your purchases later without interest

For this premise is fulfilled should be aware that the cards have for example all consumed in August paid on September 10, billing period which is usually monthly if purchases are perform in a single payment unfractionated YOUR DEBT THAT IS without QUOTA only pay the consumption of the month without interest. Following the example above we have the following scenario: I buy a TV that cost me $ 500 on August 5 and if you request payment no fees I have to pay until September 10 500 dollars without interest, remember that while no interest if there are extra payments as a credit life insurance and shipping status that you can ignore if requested to be sent by email.

Do not forget that doing the “minimum payment of the month” debt will increase by more than requested payments without quotas.

Avoid carrying cash, availability

With credit card avoid carrying cash and thus reduce the chances of losing or suffering an assault, we also have available to use at any time and withdraw cash for use in what we need but must take into account that the availability of money has a payment for withdrawing money and usually at a higher interest rate.

Discounts, points and other promotions

Most cards have reward systems such as point is that every time you do get shopping points can then be exchanged for products, services or payments menbresias but bear in mind that often a large amount of points to change a product of very low cost.

They also often offer discounts for events such as concerts and promotions for purchases of products, the best deals usually come from department stores to use their own credit cards but as mentioned above the best option is to buy a promotion with a card and pay in a single payment no fees.

Finally I must clarify that some ideas are based according to the country where I live is Peru, remember to inform you well about the conditions offered by banks or shops if you are interested in acquiring any credit cards that have different characteristics such as interest rates, national or international coverage, only useful in some establishments, etc.

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