5 ways to reduce the cost of running your construction business vans

One of the main jobs of a fleet manager is to keep running costs down without compromising the service being provided. In the present economic climate this is no easy feat.

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Keep records of daily usage for each vehicle in your fleet. This way, you can identify any vehicles that are not being fully utilised or vehicles that are being overused. The object is to use all vehicles to their best capacity and not have them standing idle in the construction yard. Match vehicles to the job in hand, and don’t send out a large vehicle with a small delivery, as this will waste fuel.


Install a satellite navigation system to help keep track of your vehicle. This is very useful if you are unlucky enough to have a vehicle stolen. Also, for further safety, install dash cameras to provide protection against crash-for-cash scams which are happening more and more often in recent years. Also, with a dash cam, you can help in any road accident claims, so disputes or disagreements can be eliminated, all of which will keep your insurance premiums safe. The insurance industry is beginning to see the benefits of using dash cams and is offering incentives to anyone using them.

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Do a visual inspection of your vehicles as often as you can. This can often prevent small issues from becoming big problems, and preventative maintenance can reduce equipment operating costs.


Kerb appeal is very important when selling your fleet vehicles. Make sure there are no dents or scratches on the paintwork. The vehicle interior should be tidy, and one solution to this could be to install ply lining from vehicle-accessories, as this will protect the inside of your vehicle and prevent dents from spoiling the appearance on the outside of the vehicle. Make sure you can supply a full history of the vehicle, with full-service records, and that it is in good working order.


Building a vehicle operating lifecycle report for each vehicle in your fleet, keeping tabs on annual mileage, service records, any maintenance required and fuel economy will also be useful when selling the vehicle. When first selecting your vehicle, avoid unusual exterior colours. Typically, white is the common colour of most fleet vehicles, so conforming to market preference if you wish to resell.

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