5 Tricks To Improve Productivity At Work

New technologies and the Internet have completely changed our lives. Today it is impossible to work with a computer and not be connected to the Internet. Some employers try to control their employees so that they perform to the maximum and do not distract themselves with personal things; Others allow them to have their minutes (well counted) of rest to maintain high morale.

In any case, if we want to improve our personal productivity at work we will have to take into account some tricks when it comes to starting work. This is what I want to propose today in this article.5 Tricks To Improve Productivity At Work1

Tips to Improve Personal Productivity

The productivity of an employee is what a worker produces in economic terms during his working day, divided by the resources invested. The more profitable and good quality things you are able to do in less time, the more profitable it is for the company. It is not strange, then, that we start some tips to be more productive. To get started:

Forget social networks. Unless you’re the community manager of the company, of course. Facebook, Twitter, mail, and many other distractions can prevent us from focusing on our work. Get used to reserving just a little of the day to see what has been published, for example, in the last minutes before lunch, or about 5 minutes to mid-morning to modify.

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Think about what you are doing. It is impossible to work if we have the mind worried about paying bills, personal problems or anything else. Also when we are distracted by the flight of a fly, or we are more pending of the vacations. Try to remove any worries from your mind, such as doing a little exercise before starting the day.

5 Tricks To Improve Productivity At Work2

Keep your computer in good condition. Great care. I know from experience that a computer that goes slow throws away all your productivity. It does not matter that you make good intentions in the morning, or that you plan well, or anything. If the PC says “nones” every day, so you can not work. Fix it as soon as possible; Today, or at the end of the week, but do not let it continue destroying your energies.

Create a good working environment. If you have a lot of cables on the table, the average printer falling on a stool and always stumbling with the laptop cable when you enter the door, you will find it difficult to inspire you to work. Ordering your computer equipment and keeping it clean not only helps you take care of the hardware in the medium term, it also clears your head and allows you to work more comfortably.

tricks to improve productivity at work3

Work in a good mood. It is incredible what a worker with a high morale can do in front of one who is discouraged. When you are happy you try harder and change the atmosphere around you. Try to motivate yourself every morning to get off to a good start, take a cold shower and go to work eager to eat the world!

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And, above all, and very important: when you have finished your workday, rest, enjoy and disconnect. What other things do you propose to improve productivity? If you agree with these tricks, give it to “like” and share it with your friends on Facebook.

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