10 Tips To Improve Your Productivity

Surely not the first time after finishing a long and hard day at work, you find yourself overwhelmed and frustrated, thinking that you have not done everything you had to do. Often times we are in the office in front of a computer, but at the end of the day, we do not know how or how we have wasted our time. Learn how to improve your productivity, increase your energy and end the day with the feeling of a job well done.

#1. Start the day with energy

Spend time in the morning to the most important person in your life: you.

10 Tips To Improve Your Productivity

With just getting up half an hour before each morning, you’ll notice a big difference. Do some light exercise, shower and have a healthy and complete breakfast. If you live near work, take advantage of walking or cycling. To get accustomed to your new schedules, professionals advise to make changes little by little: do not get up half an hour before the first day, advance the alarm 10 or 15 minutes each day for 2-3 days until you feel comfortable. When changing the morning hours, special attention should be paid to bedtime: you know better than anyone how many hours you need to sleep. If you do not rest properly, it will be counterproductive.

#2. Keep distractions to a minimum

Know your enemy: Identify distractions and keep them at bay.

Distractions are everywhere and your productivity decreases daily. The experts have established three types of distractions: those produced by communication tools, those produced by others, and internal distractions.

The communication tools have become an indispensable part of our lives. There is no doubt that these tools are necessary for many jobs, and they play a very important role in the development of them, but if they are not used with caution they can turn against us. To avoid this, you can give yourself two or three small breaks throughout the day to consult the mobile phone and the internet with complete freedom, and it is forbidden to do it outside the breaks.

People can be another great source of distraction. Try to let them know that you need to be focused while you work and that you can talk later for coffee. If possible, you can also consider changing your work environment. For example, if you work at home and your family is present, you can go to a library. If nothing works, you can always get a noise-canceling headset.

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Finally, the internal distractions are those that are in our head. Thoughts and ideas that assault us while we work and that can make us lose concentration and decrease productivity. To avoid this, always have a handy sheet. Whenever a thought of any kind gets in your head (“I have to buy carrots”, “see if I call my friend”, “Tomorrow is my grandfather’s birthday”) write it down on the sheet. This way, you will not forget it and you can deal with it at the end of the day.

#3. Plan

The best way to finish the job is to know what the job is.

time to plan

Just start the day, think what goals you want to achieve. Do you have a meeting? Prepare a presentation? Contact a client? Plan everything you are going to do as a list so that you can strike a target when you have reached it. In this way, you will not only increase your productivity, but you will also be in a good mood to see how you advance. The most important thing is to keep in mind that the day does not have unlimited hours: do not set impossible goals or excessive amounts of work, as you will get the opposite effect.

#4. Group similar tasks

The organization of work is always the best way to increase productivity.

If you are in the habit of checking email every ten minutes and making calls every time you remember, you will lose concentration on what you are doing and a lot of work time. Choose two or three times throughout the day (once in the morning when arriving, at noon and in the afternoon) to take care of this type of tasks. For the rest of the day, focus completely on what you are doing.

#5. Take a breath

Everyone needs a break from time to time to recharge the batteries.

10 Tips To Improve Your Productivity2

A study by the University of Illinois showed that work performance and productivity increase when taking breaks. In addition, knowing that you have a little scheduled rest will improve your mood and help you tackle the work with energy. Here are some of the things you can do: have coffee or tea, chat with your co-workers, meditate, stretch your legs, eat a healthy snack or go out for a drink.

# 6. Get rid of tasks you do not like

Eliminate the least pleasurable tasks first and face the rest of the day with positive energy.

There is always some task that we put off over the hours, the days, and even the weeks. The longer you postpone it, the worse it will seem in your head. With the passage of time, the task is heavier and unbearable than at first, and will gradually undermine your morale. To avoid this, do the opposite: take care of it first. As soon as you arrive, mentalism yourself that you’re going to have to do it sooner or later, and think about how well you’ll feel after finishing it, having the rest of the day off to take care of other things.

# 7. Remember the panorama before you go on vacation

When we go on vacation we do not think about how much we can give things back.

10 Tips To Improve Your Productivity3

After returning from the holidays, especially if these have been long, we found ourselves especially lost. We may not remember what we’ve been working the last few weeks, or what we have to do next. To avoid it, before going on holiday make a short list for your future “I”. Write down everything that you consider important and everything you need to remember to face the return of the vacation more easily.

# 8. Do things one at a time

The proverb is very wise, and it has always been said that whoever embraces much, does not squeeze.

Although being “multitasking” has always been considered as something positive, this greatly decreases productivity. So, do not try to concentrate on several tasks at the same time. Choose a task from your list, complete it, and move on to the next one. This will help you concentrate and be faster.

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9. Learn to say “no”

Being busy is good. Not being exploited.

10 Tips To Improve Your Productivity4

It is always good to have things to do at work. However, we must be aware of where our limits are. Too much to do and too little time to do it is an explosive combination: it will increase your stress levels and decrease your productivity. If you already have a lot of work to do, learn to make it see others. If you want to do more homework, politely say “no, not now”. Set your priorities and you can accept more work when you have finished what you have to do.

# 10. Learn to use the tools at your fingertips

There are countless tools designed solely and exclusively to make our lives easier.

10 Tips To Improve Your Productivity5

The Internet, computer programs, applications for the mobile … All this can help you to cope with your day to day life. Take time to learn what tools you have at your disposal and how you can use them correctly to make the most of them. We assure you that it will not be wasted time.

The next time you feel overwhelmed at work remember these tips. Learn to put them into practice little by little and you will see how your productivity is increasing day by day. And above all, the key to success is to know yourself, apply what you do best to your work and you will see the results yourself. Do you know of any other trick that will help you to be more productive in your day to day life?

We would love to know which one to put it into practice! You can find more reviews on here.

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